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Helpful holiday tips and resources

December 1, 2017

Human Resources

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Human Resources

The holiday season can be a very sweet and special time of year. But for many, it shines a light on an issue they’re experiencing.

Whether it be the loss of a loved one or pet, a relationship ending, or a challenging situation at work, these times can be tough. Whatever it is you are facing this season, here are some ideas for ending the year on a healthy and grateful note.

Welcome new traditions

It’s OK to say no to a party invite, or avoid an activity that may be triggering. This time of year may bring up negative memories. Reflect on that. Talk to a professional if need be. Tell yourself it’s OK this year to create new traditions with family and friends.

Be aware of those around you

You never know what a person is carrying. Although someone may outwardly appear to be in a good place, often that is far from the truth. Be cautious in assuming everyone around you is feeling celebratory. Model openness with the people in your life by sharing what you’re thankful for, as well as what’s hard.

Ask for help

There’s no shame in reaching out for help. Maybe you need a friend to help wrap your kids’ gifts. Maybe you need to arrive to dinner with no food or contribution, because getting there at all was a big enough task. Give yourself grace and ask the people in your life to do the rest.

Give back to the community

It always feels good to give your time to others and help those in need. If you’ve lost a pet, it may be healing to volunteer at a local animal shelter this year. There are plenty of community agencies that are taking donations and welcoming help. The smile on someone’s face when you serve them a hot meal may just put a smile on yours, too. For other ideas on how to support people in your community or for additional resources, the following links to charities and agencies may be helpful. 

  • My Brother's Keeper is a local organization that offers food, furniture, Christmas help, and more. 
  • This article outlines seven charities that offer online Christmas support for low-income families. 
  • Toys for Tots is a great place to donate to a family in need, or request a toy for your child. 
  • Here's a list of organizations, including Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army, that can help your family (or a family you know). 
  • Thank you,, for this extensive list, featuring 60 ideas for giving back in Boston this holiday season! 

As always, the Employee Assistance Program is here to aid employees in reducing stress, overcoming hard times, and making a plan to move forward in their life. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!