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Join us in transforming Boston’s streets


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We're hiring more planners and engineers across the Public Works and Transportation Departments.

We are expanding our team of passionate, dedicated, and experienced people working to realize Go Boston 2030’s goals of expanding access, improving safety, and ensuring reliability.

You can apply today for positions that are posted on the City of Boston Career Center. Some positions are not yet posted. If you're interested in those, let us know by filling out this preliminary interest form

Available Positions

Available Positions
Boston Transportation Department

The City of Boston is seeking a passionate, highly motivated, and creative Traffic Engineering Director within its Transportation Department. The selected candidate will be instrumental in realizing streets and public spaces that are vibrant, safe, and multi-modal. 

The Director should be well versed in state of the art tools and practices to create sustainable and multi-modal transportation networks including bicycle, pedestrian and transit focused street design and cutting edge safety treatments. The selected candidate will participate in an ambitious program to install protected bicycle facilities, bus priority measures, traffic calming, and adaptive signals on Boston’s streets. Overall, the Director will work collaboratively with other divisions in the Boston Transportation and Public Works departments to implement an accessible, safe, equitable, and reliable transportation network.

Traffic Engineering Director will be tasked with leading a team of over twenty (20) staff members to implement the Mayor’s vision for Boston’s transportation system embodied in the Go Boston 2030 strategic plan. The Director will oversee three divisions:

  • Traffic Signals division tasked with managing the operations, timing, and phasing of the over 800 signalized intersections in the City of Boston to ensure the safe and reliable movement of people. 

  • Neighborhood Safety division tasked with implementing quick-build safety improvements on neighborhood streets and reviewing plans for changes in paving marking design. 

  • Permitting and Construction Management division tasked with permitting and overseeing construction projects, special events, and other short term street excavations and occupancies in the public right of way. 


Available Position: Traffic Engineering Director 


The City of Boston Public Works Department is looking for energetic and dynamic civil and/or transportation engineers to plan, design, and construct world-class, livable, and complete streets for the City.  Working in the Engineering Division, the applicants will be part of a multi-disciplinary design team that promotes multi-modal transportation options throughout the City. 

Boston Transportation Department

Work with local community groups, neighborhood institutions, and public agencies to transform the Columbia Road and Blue Hill Avenue corridors in Boston, two of the City's most iconic and diverse boulevards. Lead a grassroots public process to engage residents to redesign the corridors with the goal of creating neighborhood-friendly streets designed to encourage walking, bicycling, and reliable public transportation. 

We will be hiring:


Boston Transportation Department

Join a highly motivated transportation planning team to catalyze change in how people travel in Boston's vibrant neighborhoods. Coordinate district-scale action plans from concept to implementation that create safe walking environments, include bus and bike facilities, and plan ahead for a technology-driven, shared-transportation future. Steer growth in the neighborhoods by reviewing new private development projects.

Boston Transportation Department

We're looking for a knowledgeable and passionate planner to collaborate with Boston residents on projects to improve safety and encourage bicycling and walking. The selected applicant will join a multi-disciplinary team that leads and supports street design efforts across the City, manages our public bike share, and runs educational programs. 

Boston Transportation Department

Join BTD's Engineering Division and work on traffic control systems and traffic management. The selected applicants will perform traffic operations engineering work including traffic signal timing projects, signalized intersection design, and programming traffic responsive control parameters to improve traffic flow and safety on arterial streets.

Boston Transportation Department

We're seeking a creative self-starter to develop and execute community-focused outreach activities throughout the City. Working with colleagues and community members, the selected candidate will focus on inclusive, equitable, and respectful engagement in multiple languages, methods, and media.

We will be hiring:
Boston Transportation Department

We're hiring people to share their love of bicycling by teaching other Bostonians to ride safely, confidently, and joyfully. Team members support multiple education and outreach initiatives, with most of their time dedicated to on-bike youth and adult educational programming across the City.  

Common Questions


Yes! We are excited to have many new faces working in our planning, engineering, and operations teams. We are hiring more people across the Streets Cabinet to fill new positions and to cover vacancies and promotions.

Where can I apply for the jobs?

If the job is already posted, please apply via our Career Center. Being a big city with 18,000 employees, it takes us a while to post a new job. We aim to have the additional positions posted over the summer of 2019.

if I don't know if I am the right fit, should I still apply?

Yes! We are open to nontraditional candidates. Just apply, it’s easy! We’d love to see your application.

What is the timeline for filling these jobs?

For the positions already posted to the Career Center, we will start interviewing candidates in March and April.  For positions not yet posted, we will start interviewing candidates a few weeks after the jobs are posted. 

Can I apply to more than one position?

Yes! Feel free to apply to all the positions that interest you.

Do I have to live in Boston?

Yes, all the jobs will require residency in the City of Boston by the time you start the job.  You can read more about our residency requirement.

What are the salary and benefits for the jobs?

The salary depends on the job. All of the full-time jobs come with benefits and selected applicants will be eligible to join a union. You can see the salary range when the positions are posted to the Career Center.   

Are these on-going, full-time positions?

Unless noted, these are on-going, full-time positions with benefits. There is a six-month probationary period for all new hires at the City of Boston.

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