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Join us in transforming Boston’s transportation system

We will be hiring 20 new positions at the Transportation Department in the coming months.

We are looking for a diverse set of passionate, dedicated, and experienced people to join our team to make Go Boston 2030’s plan of expanding access, improving safety, and ensuring reliability a reality.

Interested in one of the positions listed below? Let us know by filling out this preliminary interest form

The 20 positions will be posted on the City of Boston Career Center in batches over the coming weeks.  Once they are posted, you will be able to search and apply on the transportation section of the City's Career Center.  

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    Commissioner Gina Fiandaca invites you to consider joining the Boston Transportation Department:

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  • Available positions

    Available positions

    Go Boston 2030, the Boston Transportation Department’s strategic plan, set an ambitious goal of increasing the percent of commuters using public transportation by a third over the next 15 years.

    To reach this goal, we have identified over a half dozen corridors for bus priority, service and fare policy initiatives, and several urban rail and transit hub projects. Our department is seeking transportation planners and field staff to jump-start the implementation of these projects with a focus on improving bus service. The selected professionals will staff an in-house Transit Team to develop overall policy, partner with advocacy and neighborhood groups, and work with City and state agencies to advance Boston’s public transportation agenda.

    We will be hiring:
    • One (1) transit coordinator to set the City of Boston’s overall public transportation agenda and manage the Transit Team.
    • One (1) transit planner to manage corridor bus lane and bus priority projects from concept to installation.
    • Three (3) operations staff to install and maintain bus lanes.

    In 2015, Mayor Walsh joined cities around the world in adopting Vision Zero in an effort to reduce serious traffic crashes and create stress-free walking and bicycling in Boston.

    Today, the Boston Transportation Department has an extensive program to improve safety along priority corridors, calm traffic in neighborhoods, expand the City’s network of protected bicycle lanes, and install safer crossings at the most challenging intersections.

    We are seeking passionate and highly motivated planners, engineers, and operations staff to join our efforts to dramatically improve safety on Boston’s streets and rapidly grow our network of protected bicycle lanes. Selected individuals will accelerate and expand our work re-designing key intersections and corridors, installing new bicycle facilities, and implementing neighborhood slow street zones.

    We will be hiring:
    • Two (2) new transportation planners on the Vision Zero and Active Transportation Teams
    • Two (2) new engineers on the Vision Zero and Active Transportation Teams
    • Three (3) operations staff to install and maintain bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

    Selected individuals will understand the pressing need for action and have the patience and persistence required to catalyze change in an environment where needs, resources, and opportunities vary considerably. Demonstrated experience to work in multi-disciplinary, outcome-oriented teams will be necessary.

    New technology is rapidly changing how people get around and use City streets.

    Over the last few years, the Boston Transportation Department has developed a robust portfolio of “new mobility” initiatives to incorporate new ideas and technology in an equitable, transparent, and effective manner. We have expanded the bike share network throughout the City, introduced performance-based meter parking, designated public parking spaces for car-share, and supported the launch of automated vehicle testing on local streets.

    To expand our work, the Boston Transportation Department, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, is creating a New Mobility team to develop and steer programs that advance the City’s collaboration with private transportation service and technology providers, developers, employer-based organizations, and professional associations. Spearheading the New Mobility Team, the selected individuals will navigate the constantly evolving mobility landscape to focus on benefits for people, address social justice, and create a transparent framework to guide and regulate private initiatives. Demonstrated experience working in multi-disciplinary, outcome-oriented teams will be necessary.

    We will be hiring:
    • One (1) planner focused on developing and implementing transportation demand management strategies for private development, employer-based organizations, and professional associations
    • One (1) planner tasked with creating policies, programs, and partnerships with transportation network companies (like Uber and Lyft), autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and other new mobility providers.

    The Boston Transportation Department has more than 850 traffic signals with close to 70% of them linked to the Traffic Management Center to enable engineers to make adjustments remotely.

    Go Boston 2030 has established a goal to enhance this network with adaptive signal technology to facilitate automatic timing adjustments to respond to fluctuations in pedestrian, bus, car, and bicycle travel patterns. The department is committed to using the latest in traffic management technology to improve safety for our most vulnerable population and to improve mobility on our streets.

    We will be hiring:

    They will work with a team of engineers to expand our traffic management toolbox and focus on implementable solutions.

    Investing in Go Boston 2030

    In April 2018, Mayor Walsh announced a new annual $5 million investment to support implementing the 58 projects and policies identified in the Go Boston 2030 strategic plan.

    Enacting the Go Boston 2030 priorities will allow us to transform our transportation system to manage our region’s growth, address climate change, and improve equity.

    Adding more staff

    Through this new investment, the Boston Transportation Department will be hiring 20 new positions to accelerate our work related to:

    • creating more walkable streets and safer intersections
    • growing our network of protected bike lanes
    • improving bus transit
    • installing new traffic signal technology, and
    • helping the City adapt to emerging transportation technology.

    Our new hires will join a high-energy and passionate existing team in the Transportation Department.

    Video: Come join us

    Common Questions

    Where can I apply for the jobs?

    Being a big city with 18,000 employees, it takes us a while to post a new job. The jobs will be posted in batches over the months of September and October. You can find what jobs are posted by going to our Career Center and searching for transportation.   We will also link to them on this website.

    if I don't know if I am the right fit, should i still apply ?

    Yes! We are open to untraditional candidates. Just apply, it’s easy! We’d love to see your application.

    Can I apply to more than one position?

    Yes! Feel free to apply to all the positions that interest you.

    Are these on-going, full-time positions?

    Yes, these are on-going, full-time positions with benefits. They are not temporary. There is a six-month probationary period for all new hires at the City of Boston.

    What is the timeline for filling these jobs?

    For the planning and policy positions, we will start interviewing candidates in mid-October and hope to make offers by early November.  For the engineering and field operations positions, we plan to start interviewing candidates in late October or early November and to make offers by December. 

    Do I have to live in Boston?

    Yes, all the jobs will require residency in the City of Boston by the time you start the job.  You can read more about our residency requirement.

    What are the salary and benefits for the jobs?

    The salary depends on the job. All the jobs are full-time with benefits and are part of a union. Once the jobs are posted, you will be able to see the salary range. 

    Do you have other questions?

    Feel free to contact us at

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  • Message from the commissioner

    Commissioner Gina Fiandaca invites you to consider joining the Boston Transportation Department:

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