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Mayor Walsh celebrates 100th completed heating system replacement as part of Seniors Save program

Reminds seniors it's not too early to plan heating system replacement

Mayor Martin J. Walsh today celebrated the successful completion of the 100th Seniors Save project in Roxbury at the home of the Prescott family. During the visit, Mayor Walsh also announced that applications are available year round for Seniors Save, a proactive program that helps income-eligible seniors replace failing or inefficient heating systems before next winter begins. Since the program's launch in August 2016, 108 heating systems have been replaced in the homes of seniors living in neighborhoods all across the city.

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"I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Prescott for inviting us into their beautiful home as we celebrate their new heating system that will last for many years to come," said Mayor Walsh. "I am proud that in the 18 months the program has been in place, we have been able to replace 108 heating systems in neighborhoods from East Boston to West Roxbury. This program makes all the difference in the quality of life and comfort for our seniors, and I hope that more seniors will continue to enroll in this program ahead of next winter."

Today's announcement was made at the home of a longtime Roxbury residents Bryan and Elmonda Prescott. Mr. and Mrs. Prescott worked with the Boston Home Center's Seniors Save program to replace the more than 30 year old boiler in their home. Through the program, seniors can affordably replace their aging heating systems with new, energy efficient systems that will significantly lower their risks of heating emergencies during cold weather and will also reduce their energy bills, enabling them to expand their budgets for other necessities.

"I want to thank Mayor Walsh and the staff from Seniors Save Program for helping us replace our failing heating system," said homeowner Bryan Prescott. "The Home Center and Elderly Commission helped us fill out our forms and find a good contractor who did an excellent job on the installation of our new furnace. We want other seniors to know about this great program, so they can also get help getting a new heating system like we did!"

This year so far, the City of Boston responded to over 100 no-heat emergency calls, including  32 during the first week of January alone, when temperatures were so cold that discomfort turned to a life-safety concern.

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Applications for the Seniors Save program are currently available through the Boston Home Center (BHC), by visiting the Department of Neighborhood Development, or by contacting one of the BHC's partner senior agencies. To qualify, income-eligible seniors must be 60 years of age or older and must be the occupants of a residential one-to-four family property or condominium in the City of Boston. The program is open to seniors whose income does not exceed 80 percent of median family income, as determined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.  

Eligible homeowners will receive a $3,500 grant towards replacement of their heating systems. Any additional funding is available in the form of a zero percent interest, deferred payment loan, which will only be payable upon the sale of the property, a cash-out refinance or transfer of the title. Once a senior citizen submits an application, BHC Construction Specialists will work with the homeowner on the scope of the project, and will help select a contractor from the BHC's pre-approved, licensed and insured contractor list. A BHC Construction Specialist will then oversee the work from start to finish.

To learn more about Seniors Save and to apply for the program residents are invited to contact (617) 635-HOME, or visit the Boston Home Center.

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