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Nation's First-Ever Launch of Youth Participatory Budgeting

June 16, 2014


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Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced the launch of Youth Lead the Change: Participatory Budgeting Boston to engage Boston residents between the ages of 12 to 25 in deciding how $1 million of Boston's capital budget will be allocated. 

"The participatory budget program is an opportunity for the City to involve young people and to empower them to have a real, tangible impact on their neighborhoods,” said Mayor Walsh. “This helps to foster a greater sense of responsibility in their communities, and helps create a climate of ownership and civic-minded engagement. I'm committed to the participatory budget project not just for the impact it has with these capital projects, but the future investments it will bring by making our young people a part of our process."

Young Boston residents submitted potential project ideas, which then were reviewed by community activists and leaders, and city officials to develop formal proposals for the final ballot. 

Voting begins on June 14 and lasts until June 20. On June 14, the Tobin Community Center will host a Voting Launch Party from 2:00 to 4:00PM, where residents learn more about the ballot proposals. Each voter can choose up to four projects of the 14 that made it on the ballot. The projects that receive the highest number of votes will be implemented. 

"People really listened and worked with us to get this done. I am going to be able to look back and say that I helped to make these changes in Boston," said Sadiya Gurham, a Dorchester Representative on the Mayor's Youth Council.   

Voting sites are spread across the City of Boston. To learn more visit: or contact the Department of Youth Engagement and Employment at 617-635-4202. Residents are required to provide some form of identification that verifies their age and residency. To receive regular updates, text PLEDGE to 877877.

Primary Voting Sites

  • The City School, 614 Columbia Road, Uphams Corner
    • Monday, June 16, 10:00-4:00PM
    • Tuesday, June 17, 2:00-8:30PM
    • Wednesday, June 18, 9:00-9:00PM
    • Thursday, June 19, 10:00-5:00PM
    • Friday, June 20, 9:00-5:00PM
  • Tobin Community Center, 1481 Tremont Street, Mission Hill
    • Monday, June 16, 2:00-6:00PM
    • Tuesday, June 17, 2:00-6:00PM
    • Wednesday, June 18, 2:00-6:00PM
    • Thursday, June 19, 2:00-6:00PM
    • Friday, June 20, 2:00-6:00PM

Additional Voting Sites

  • Madison Park High School, 75 Malcolm X Boulevard, Roxbury
    • Monday, June 16, 8:30-11:30PM 
  • Burke High School, 60 Washington Street, Dorchester
    • Wednesday, June 18, 8:00-1:00PM
  • Charlestown High School, 240 Medford Street, Charlestown
    • Wednesday, June 18, 10:00-12:30PM
  • English High School, 144 McBride Street, Jamaica Plain
    • Thursday, June 19, 10:30-12:30PM
  • Snowden High School, 150 Newbury Street, Back Bay
    • Thursday, June 19, 9:30-12:30PM
  • Ruggles Station, Corner of Tremont and Ruggles Street, Roxbury
    • Monday, June 16, 1:30-3:30PM
  • Forest Hills Station, Corner of Washington Street and Hyde Park Avenue, Jamaica Plain
    • Thursday, June 19, 1:30-3:30PM
  • Dudley Station, Corner of Washington Street and Dudley Street, Roxbury 
    • Friday, June 20, 1:30-3:30PM
  • Downtown Crossing Station, Corner of Washington Street and Summer Street, Boston
    • Friday, June 20, 3:30-5:30PM
  • Condon Community Center, 200 D Street, South Boston
    • Monday, June 16- 18, 4:00-7:00PM
  • Cleveland Community Center, 11 Charles Street, Dorchester
    • Thursday, June 17-19, 2:00-5:00PM
  • Paris Street Community Center, 112 Paris Street, East Boston
    • Wednesday, June 18, 20, 2:00-5:00PM
  • Mildred Community Center, 5 Mildred Ave, Mattapan
    • Wednesday, June 18-20, 2:00-5:00PM