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Promoting preservation through creative design

October 20, 2017

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One of our core principles as a Digital Team is to build an energizing environment, because if we attract fantastic talent, we’ll provide fantastic services.

Last May, we had an exciting opportunity to work with the City’s Landmarks Commission. The task was to promote Preservation Month in Boston.

The project started as an assortment of bookmarks. As interest in the campaign grew, posters and tote bags were quick to follow. The project ended up being one of our team’s most popular campaigns. We had so many requests for the artwork that we made the posters available online.

A compilation of Preservation Month materials, including bookmarks, tote bags, and posters.

“The focus of the project was to highlight the architectural identities of the Historic Districts, the Landmarks Commission and the Archaeology Program,” said Kathleen von Jena, assistant survey director of the Landmarks Commission. “It has worked beautifully in helping to define what we do.”

The project was kicked off by the City’s Landmarks Commission. All of the artwork was created in-house by our amazing designer, Caroline Stjarnborg. Caroline was a driving force behind the illustration style featured in the campaign. Her designs spread throughout the preservation community.

Bookmark designs for Preservation Month.

This week, the campaign designs received a 2017 American Graphic Design Award (GDUSA).  We're thrilled to be a part of a great project that highlights the architectural gems of the Boston community.

A photo of the graphic design award won by the Preservation Month campaign.

If you missed the swag the first time around, don’t worry -- we’re doing another run of the print materials. You can also download the posters online.

As we take some time to celebrate, we're excited to keep moving forward. Look out for more collaborations with other departments and non-government partners.