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Get free legal help with your citizenship application

The Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement is hiring for multiple positions! RSVP for our Open House on Wednesday, February 28th from 5 - 7 p.m. to learn more about these roles and MOIA's emerging...

Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement grants $160,000 to organizations for mental health and event programming throughout the City’s neighborhoods

$711,000 awarded to 15 nonprofits to increase access to immigration legal services.

Get free legal help with your citizenship application

$50,000 goes to five nonprofits to support creative initiatives that promote citizenship.

The 20 graduates represent eight Boston neighborhoods, come from 17 countries, and speak 14 languages.

Nguyen will lead the department to advance stability, economic empowerment, civic ownership, and social integration for immigrants in Boston.

Exhibit featured 1,000+ butterflies on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Boston City Hall

Even though today marks the 10-year anniversary since the creation of DACA, its future is unfortunately still uncertain. We are asking the Biden administration to permanently protect the millions of...

The Work and Family Mobility Act is now law. Starting in July 2023, eligible Massachusetts residents will be able to obtain a state-issued ID or driver’s license regardless of immigration status.

$39,000 goes to nonprofits to support mental health programming for immigrant communities.

Get free legal help with your citizenship application.

The annual reception celebrates Boston immigrants and their contributions to the City.

As part of this program, $160,000 is going to nonprofits to support immigrant communities.

$160,000 goes to nonprofits to support immigrant communities

Eligible families can apply for up to $1,000 in cash aid.

Immigrant students and educators reflect on the pandemic’s impact on their education and their lives

Immigrant storytellers will share their personal stories and reflect on 2020 in an event on January 14.

This year’s virtual program focused on honoring frontline workers and immigrant-serving nonprofits for their tireless work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

$100,000 will go to nonprofits that support immigrant communities.

Cities are urging the court to block application fee increases for naturalization.

Through the 12-week course, a group of immigrant residents will meet key City of Boston officials and learn how to effectively navigate local government.

Several local musicians and poets from diverse backgrounds performed.

In total, $2.4 million has been raised to support the Boston Immigrant COVID-19 Collaborative.

Our enhanced language capacity will target more than 37 percent of Boston residents that speak another language at home.

We have information about services for Boston residents affected by COVID-19, regardless of immigration status.

Bệnh do Vi-rút Corona 2019 hay COVID-19 (trước đây được gọi là Vi-rút Corona Mới 2019 hay nCoV) là một bệnh hô hấp mới.

Maladi Kowonaviris 2019 oswa COVID-19 (ke yo te konn rele Nouvo Kowonaviris 2019 oswa 2019-nCoV) se yon nouvo viris respiratwa.

Коронавирусная болезнь 2019 года или COVID-19 (ранее также называвшаяся «Новый коронавирус 2019 года» или «2019-nCoV») — это новое респираторное вирусное заболевание.

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