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Beacon Hill Architectural District

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, May 18, 2023, at 5 p.m.

ATTENTION: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to the online meeting or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering meeting id # 965 7252 6653. You can also submit written comments or questions to

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics


    APP # 23.0689 BH 6 LOUISBURG SQUARE (Rescheduled for June 2023)

    Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved EV charging box. 

    APP # 23.0861 BH 47 WEST CEDAR STREET

    Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved window openings and window well grates. 

    APP # 23.0929 BH  9 TEMPLE STREET #2 #3 & APP # 23.0931 BH 

    Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved roof deck alterations. 

    APP # 23.0940 BH 3 CHARLES RIVER SQUARE (Rescheduled for June 2023)

    Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved ring doorbell.

    APP # 23.0946 BH 84 WEST CEDAR STREET

    Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved removal of architectural element above first floor entry. 


    APP # 23.0947 BH 18 PHILLIPS STREET

    Proposed Work: Restoration/alterations of existing front plaza surface, piers, gates & perimeter fence, front door & jams.  

    APP # 23.0586 BH 1 CHESTNUT STREET (Withdrawn By Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Install placard acknowledging the property as the former residence of Coretta Scott King & Henry Kissinger.

    APP # 23.0892 BH 53 BEACON STREET

    Proposed Work: Repaint front door a shade of green using the Benjamin Moore Historic Paint Collection. 

    APP # 23.0951 BH 83 MYRTLE STREET

    Proposed Work: Exterior painting of all woodwork oriel and window frames; Benjamin Moore White Dove, front  door, shutters and window sash: Benjamin Moore Black.

    APP # 23.0901 BH 15R CHARLES STREET

    Proposed Work: New blade and banner sign.

    APP # 23.0922 BH 125 CHARLES STREET

    Proposed Work: New blade sign.

    APP # 23.0815 BH 40 JOY STREET

    Proposed Work: Install security grates on first floor windows. 

    APP # 23.0923 BH 107 CHESTNUT STREET

    Proposed Work: Modify previous fence and light fixture (violation) approval at rear of property facing Mugar Way.

    APP # 23.0935 BH 5 & 7 LOUISBURG SQUARE APP #23.0943 BH

    Proposed Work: Remove rear fire escape (See Additional Items Under Administrative Review). 

    APP # 23.0902 BH 34.5 BEACON STREET (Withdrawn By Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Install three bollards on Joy Street.



    APP # 23.0952 BH 40 BEACON STREET Ratification of unapproved intercom system by placing a brass box over the system.

    APP # 23.0883 BH 71 HANCOCK STREET Ratification of unapproved ring doorbell by recessing unit in the molding of the door surround and covering the unit with a brass cover.


    APP # 23.0887 BH   37 BEACON STREET: At second floor, the three windows directly above the main entrance, and (on second floor) three windows to the left of main entrance, replace six (total) 6 over 6, single-paned, true divided light, wood, double-hung sash sets with 6 over 6, double-paned, true divided light, wood, double-hung sash sets with a spacer bar to cover the gaskets of the windows.

    APP # 23.0950 BH   84 BEACON STREET: Repoint the front facade using historic mortar mix and tooling. 

    APP # 23.0863 BH   52 BRIMMER STREET: Replace damaged section of planting-area railing to match neighbors at 54 Brimmer & restore condition at 20"x20" planting area to the left of existing stairs. Existing stair railing to remain with balustrade to be repaired for even and plumb connections to restored garden rail.

    APP # 23.0942 BH   15-17 BRIMMER STREET:  Replace copper flashings and gutters in kind, replace metal siding on headhouse with copper sheathing, rebuild skylight, reinstall ladder at rooftop party wall, spot repoint facades as needed using historic tooling and mortar, repair and repoint three chimneys and party wall at rooftops, pin and epoxy cracks in brownstone, wash exterior brownstone as needed, remove and reset sidewalk brick pavers.

    APP # 23.0845 BH   3 GOODWIN PLACE: Repoint party wall, repaint window sills to match stone color. Mortar to match historic mix and tooling. Clean facade.

    APP # 23.0930 BH   17 GROVE STREET: Repoint and cut facade using historic mortar mix and tooling.

    APP # 23.0909 BH   7 LOUISBURG SQUARE:  Rebuilding the top of the rear ell masonry wall to the existing height of the wall in kind using historic mortar and tooling, provide a new copper flashing and a new copper gutter that would exactly match the dimensions and details of the existing copper.

    APP # 23.0935 BH   5 LOUISBURG SQUARE:  Repoint rear wall using historic mortar and tooling, remove and restore slate roof in kind, using existing slate on front and replacing in kind at rear, new copper gutters, replace snow guards in kind (See Additional Items Under Design Review). 

    APP # 23.0949 BH   50 PINCKNEY STREET: Replace flashing in kind, spot repair architectural shingles, remove slate from dormers to install a high temperature  barrier, reinstall slate.

    APP # 23.0820 BH   112 PINCKNEY STREET: At fourth floor, unit #44, replace three, 6 over 1, wood, double hung, true divided light windows facing Brimmer Street with three, 6 over 1, wood, double hung, true divided light windows with double paned windows with black spacer bars that cover the window gaskets. 

    APP # 23.0728 BH   67-71 WEST CEDAR STREET: Replace all 2 over 2, wood, double hung, true divided light windows in kind. Two basement windows at the far left side of the structure will also be 2 over 2, double hung, wood, true divided light windows.

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