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Last updated: 11/15/2017 - 8:00am

Beacon Hill Architectural Commission hearing - revised

The commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, November 16, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit after 5:30 p.m.)

Public testimony begins at 5:00pm

Discussion Topics

  1. Violations

    18.295 BH 36 Joy Street: Proposed Work: Ratify the installation of a street address sign on the gate adjacent to the building by modifying the finish (VIO.BH.61).

  2. Design Review Hearing

    18.303 BH  73 Mount Vernon Street: Removal of fire escape at roof and construct roof decks.

    18.451 BH 18 Phillips Street: Install new accessible ramp at the passageway along the east side of the building; convert existing window into an accessible doorway; construct retaining wall with fence and lighting; install new hinges and hardware at existing iron gateway; install storm windows; install five rooftop HVAC condensers; install two security cameras and install energy recovery unit along south wall of wing.

    18.399 BH 14 Mugar Way: Construct a four-story addition; install signage; and modify landscaping (project approved with provisos at 8-17-2017 public hearing).

    17.1159 BH 40 Beacon Street (Continued from 6/2017): Construct a rooftop addition on the rear ell extension.

    18.424 BH 83 Chestnut Street: In-kind replacement of windows and doors; in-kind replacement of deteriorated wood trim; painting of windows, doors and trim to match existing colors; chimney repair, general re-pointing and lintel replacement; removal and re-installation of security grate and railing; in-kind replacement of roof; replacement of skylights; and installation of HVAC equipment.

    18.430 BH 16 Pinckney Street: Remove existing roof and dormer and rebuild to match existing pitch, size and trim details; install slate roof, copper flashing and drip edge and copper gutter and downspout; remove and rebuild chimney in-kind; repair masonry; repair all windows in-kind; replace window trim in-kind; repair front door and restore trim; construct new brick wall to close off walkway to rear yard; repair and re-paint walkway gate; repair walkway; replace coal chute door in-kind.

    18.423 BH 75 Beacon Street: (Continued from 10/2017) Construct rooftop addition and rear yard addition; modify front area-way including installation of brick paving, granite curbs and iron fencing; and restoration of windows.

    18.569 BH 121 Charles Street: Install hanging projection sign.

    18.466 BH 82 Charles Street: Install hanging projection sign.

    18.442 BH 84 Charles Street: Install hanging projection sign.

    18.567 BH 34 ½ Beacon Street: Renovate and expand the existing 9th floor headhouse; install rooftop deck, pergola, landscaping and vegetated screen; install new window in enclosed opening on 8th floor.

    18.513 BH 65 Philips Street: Construct roof deck and wrought iron railing.

    18.571 BH 48 Mount Vernon Street: Raise railing on roof deck from 36” to 42” for code compliance.


  3. Administrative Review and Approval

    18.446 BH 68 Beacon Street: Reseal 10 vertical joints on structure; repaint all windows, flower boxes and balconies to match existing color.

    18.465 BH 122-126 Charles Street: Repair and repaint first floor windows and entrances.

    18.438 BH 16 Chestnut Street: Replace wood side door on side elevation at side patio.

    18.495 BH 16 Chestnut Street: Level curb, excavate underfill and level brick pavers at side patio; pressure wash granite curb and columns; pressure wash existing blue stone at rear patio.

    18.539 BH 22 Chestnut Street: Remove, refurbish and repaint 22 shutters.

    18.564 BH 94 Chestnut Street: Repair windows; replace storm windows to match existing; restore brownstone; repoint mortar; replace intercom and door hardware; restore and repaint existing entry door, pilasters, brackets and trim; replace ground-level door and hardware; repair and repaint snow fence; replace dormer windows to match existing; replace missing slate shingles and reset loose pieces; replace flashings; remove two existing skylights.

    18.566 BH 23 Joy Street: Replace two non-original wood 6/6 windows with new windows to match existing.

    18.520 BH 34 Lime Street: Re-paint front door red.

    18.451 BH 103 Mount Vernon Street: Re-paint front entry door black and surrounding woodwork white.

    18.462 BH 108 Mount Vernon Street: Repoint two chimneys and install copper capping; replace two steel window lintels and install new with flashing; remove brick from bulging section at side and replace. Work approved as emergency CA.

    18.524 BH 25 Phillips Street: Replace five non-original wood windows and replace in-kind.

    18.576 BH 68 Pinckney Street: Replace slate roof to match existing; replace 20 oz. copper gutter to match existing.

    18.456 BH 52 River Street: Replace two 8/8 wood dormer windows to match existing and remove storm windows.

    18.573 BH 5 Rollins Place: Cut and point brick mortar; replace gutters to match existing; replace slate roof with purple slate to match original.

                          18.510 BH 24 West Cedar Street: Replace roof slate, copper gutters and downspouts, flashing to match existing; repair and paint existing windows.

    18.501 BH 91 West Cedar Street: Replace non-original windows at 2nd floor front façade with wood 6/6 single-hung true divided lite windows.


  4. Ratification of 09/21/17 and 10/19/17 Public Hearing Minutes
  5. Projected Adjournment: 10:00pm.