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Redefining Our Community

This page contains information about the Neighborhood Slow Streets plan for the Redefining Our Community neighborhood.

Neighborhood Slow Streets is Boston's approach to traffic calming on residential streets. We're focused on street designs that self-enforce slower speeds and safer behaviors. Through this program, we aim to:

  • reduce the number and severity of crashes on residential streets
  • lessen the impacts of traffic, and
  • add to the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

The Redefining Our Community neighborhood is one of five communities selected to join the program in 2018.

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Looking for general information about the Neighborhood Slow Streets program? Visit the Neighborhood Slow Streets page.

Construction Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on our construction schedule. We hope to begin construction in 2021.

We finalized a construction contract in spring 2020. But, COVID-19 resulted in significant delays in receiving the granite curbing needed. It also kept crews from getting started. While we continue to work with our contractors to find solutions, it is unlikely that significant construction will occur this year.

The Slow Streets team deeply appreciates the partnership and patience from our community partners and residents. We are so excited about the plans we have co-created and look forward to seeing them constructed.

View the Plan!

We're slowing turns and improving crosswalks at wide intersections, installing corner parking restrictions at corners where visibility is a challenge, and installing speed humps throughout the neighborhood.

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