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2018 Bunker Hill Day Parade

A tradition dating back to 1786, the Bunker Hill Day Parade commemorates the first major battle of the American Revolution.

June 10, 2018
2018-06-10T12:30:00 - 2018-06-10T14:30:00

The Bunker Hill Day Parade commemorates the Battle of Bunker Hill, which was fought on Breed's Hill on June 17, 1775, in Charlestown. This parade is always held on the Sunday before or on June 17.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh, joined by local marching bands and other musical groups, current and past military personnel, re-enactment groups, sports teams, fire trucks, police motorcycles, and floats sponsored by local businesses, will travel:

Many people take this opportunity to learn more about Boston's history by visiting the the Bunker Hill Museum, the Bunker Hill Monument, and other historic sites along Boston's Freedom Trail before or after the parade.

To explore Boston's rich history further, check out our guide to uncovering Boston's history.

June 10, 2018
2018-06-10T12:30:00 - 2018-06-10T14:30:00
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