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2024 Golf Course Concert Series: Albino Mbie

Enjoy live music on the patio at one of the City's golf courses.

August 7, 2024
2024-08-07T18:00:00 - 2024-08-07T20:00:00

The Golf Course Concert Series is part of the Boston Parks and Recreation Department’s ParkARTS program. They are held in July and August. Shows begin at 6 p.m.

Albino Mbie is a multi award-Winning Musician, Guitarist, Singer, Composer, Sound Engineer, Music Producer, and a Berklee College of Music Professor in Boston. He was born in Kamubukwane District, Bairro George Demitrove, well known as Benfica, in the suburbs of Maputo, Mozambique, the capital city of Mozambique, a country in Southern Africa known for its rich musical and cultural heritage.

Fueled by the resourcefulness and determination that have always characterized Mozambicans, he built his first guitar at age 15 from a 5-liter can of oil, scrap wood, and strings made from electrical cords. He moved to the US to attend Berklee College of Music in 2009, being among the first Africans awarded a full tuition scholarship via the Berklee African Scholars Program.

In 2013, he graduated with a dual major in Music Production and Sound Engineering and Guitar Performance and dual minors in Acoustics and Electronics. Since then, he has shared his Mozambican roots—music, dance, culture, and native languages enriched by the experience of living and studying in the US with the rest of the world. During the years, he learned to combine rhythmic patterns and musical concepts to create a unique Marrabenta, Nikatche, Afro-Pop, and Moz-Jazz sound.

Learn about Albino Mbie

August 7, 2024
2024-08-07T18:00:00 - 2024-08-07T20:00:00
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