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Transportation options for older people

Being able to travel around Boston is an important part of leading a productive, independent life.

We are committed to helping connect older adults to all of the options available to them. 

I enjoy living in Boston. I can get anywhere I want to with convenience.

Older Boston Resident


We offer these transportation options

Age Strong Shuttle

We provide Boston residents age 60 and older with free transportation within the City of Boston to non-emergency medical appointments, with advance notice. We also have wheelchair-accessible shuttles. Call us at 617-635-3000 to set up a ride.

Taxi Coupons

Coupons will be available at City Hall by appointment only until July 12, 2021. You can make an appointment by calling Age Strong at 617-635-4366 or by booking an appointment online.

Bus Buddies

Do you need some help feeling more confident about taking public transportation around the city? Our trained volunteer Bus Buddies can help you navigate the MBTA. Call us at 617-635-4366 for more information.

Rides to our Commission events!

We may be able to help coordinate transportation to and from our largest events. Call us at 617-635-4366 for more information.

Options we refer people to

Options we refer people to
Public transit discounts

The MBTA reduces fares and passes for seniors 65 and older with a Senior Charliecard.

Senior Charliecard information


You can use the MBTA's door-to-door service if you are unable to use public transportation because of a physical or mental disability.

Information on the Ride

Situation-specific options

Call us and we can help walk you through some options you might be eligible for, like:

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