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Special committee on Civil Rights

Special committee on Civil Rights

Our committee discusses civil rights topics and issues that affect our entire community. We work to bring all voices to the conversation.

Committe chair: Councillor Zakim

Vice chair: Councillor Campbell

Members: Councillor Essaibi-GeorgeCouncillor LaMattina, and Councillor O'Malley

We’re focused on giving Boston residents equal access to:

  • education
  • housing
  • employment, and
  • health care services.

Our committee oversees City, state, and federal laws that prevent discrimination. We’ll explore programs and legislation that allow all residents to take part in civic life and find jobs in Boston.

We plan to work with City agencies and other groups to protect civil rights. This includes making sure all residents have access to public and private services and facilities.

Still have questions? Contact:
City Council
1 City Hall Square
Room 550
Boston, MA 02201-2043
United States
Have questions for our committee?

You reach us by email at


The City Council is made up of 15 standing committees. We also create special committees to address certain needs in Boston.