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Purchase or develop property

How to buy and develop City property or develop any property for affordable housing.

On this page, you can learn:

  • how we sell property for development
  • which properties are now in development, and
  • what opportunities for affordable housing development we offer right now.

We want your feedback on our Zero Emissions Buildings guidebook!

This study and guidebook for Zero Emissions Buildings (ZEBs) is a DND initiative to support Mayor Martin Walsh’s commitment to Carbon Neutrality in Boston by 2050. This guide serves as one part of the City's Green Building Initiatives Program to reduce the carbon footprint of our development activities.

This guidebook for ZEBs analyzes best practices and provides recommendations on the type of systems and typical wall section assemblies that reduce energy use and eliminate carbon emissions in residential buildings that are typically part of DND’s portfolio of affordable housing projects.

Zero Emissions Buildings Guidebook

We want your input!

DND intends for this document to set the groundwork for the DND's Zero Carbon Affordable Housing Design Standards.  

Please share your feedback by clicking below. Deadline for feedback is June 1, 2020.

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