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Franklin Park Action Plan

The Action Plan for Boston's largest greenspace is here!

Working with the Franklin Park Coalition and in close collaboration with the local community, the City of Boston has created a strategic vision for the future of Franklin Park. The Action Plan provides a roadmap for investment in Franklin Park to restore landscape cohesion, support uses desired by park users, and keep the park accessible and welcoming to its neighbors.

Franklin Park Action Plan Release

About the Plan

With the sale of the Winthrop Square Garage, the City of Boston committed $28 million to revitalize Franklin Park. $5 million of this investment is earmarked for a maintenance endowment. In preparation for this investment, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department is launching a new action plan for the park.

Over the next 18 months, the City of Boston is partnering with a team of landscape architects, planners, ecologists, and community engagement experts. Together they will create a community driven action plan for an engaging and diverse Franklin Park.

The team’s goal is:

  • understand the planning efforts that have come before it,
  • understand what is working and isn’t working in the park, and
  • learn what the Franklin Park neighborhood wants to see in the future.

It’s your opportunity to help shape the future of the park and connections to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Map of Franklin Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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