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Improvements to Harambee Park

Franklin Field | Park Established 1892

Multi-phased park renovation project. Includes a new playground on the west side of the park, pathway, and lighting improvements throughout the park, and sports facility improvements.

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Harambee Park, formerly Franklin Field, is 45 acres of active recreational use. The park contains basketball courts, cricket pitches, multi-purpose soccer and lacrosse fields, a football field, little league field and play spaces. Boston Parks and Recreation completed a master plan in early 2016. The plan keeps the existing recreational uses, re-orients the fields for optimum solar orientation, adds pathways with pedestrian lighting, and introduces a new play area on the west side of the park along Blue Hill Avenue. Construction of Phase 1 (the new play space, basketball courts, and entrances) was completed in 2018.  Construction of Phase 2 (multi-purpose soccer and lacrosse fields, and pathways) begins in Fall 2019.

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    Project location:
    Harambee Park
    930 Blue Hill Avenue
    Project contact:

    Project information


    Blue Hill Avenue Playground and Courts
    • Project Status: Complete
    • Construction Budget: $2,500,000
    • Project Features: New playground, court renovation with lights, pathway, and entry improvements
    • Consultant: Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc.
    • Contractor: Fleming Brothers Inc.



    Talbot Avenue Multipurpose Fields
    • Project Status: Construction
    • Construction Budget: $3,060,000
    • Project Features: Soccer and Lacrosse fields, pathway and lighting improvements, entrance enhancement
    • Consultant: Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc.
    • Contractor: Fleming Brothers Inc.



    Westview Street Football Field
    • Project Status: Design
    • Construction Budget: $2,600,000
    • Project Features: Football field improvements, pathway, and entry improvements
    • Consultant: Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc.
    • Contractor: To be determined


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    Phase 3: Football Field and Walkways on Westview Street
    Phase 2: Multipurpose Fields and Walkways on Talbot Avenue
    Phase 1: New Playground and Basketball Courts on Blue Hill Avenue

    Harambee Park Master Plan and Implementation Phases

    Past Process

    A Master Plan was drafted in 2015 to inform future phases park improvements. A preferred site plan option was developed with community input and an eye to future open space need.

    The scope of Phase 1 included:

    1. Basketball court improvements with new sports lighting.
    2. An exciting new play area on Blue Hill Avenue. The play area features a fully accessible mound and play tower, hill slides, climbing equipment, swings, and water play.
    3. Pathway and entry improvements to improve safety.

    The scope of Phase 2 included:

    1. Improved multipurpose fields for Soccer and Lacrosse.
    2. Green infrastructure improvements to better control wet areas and drainage.
    3. Pathway and entry improvements to improve safety.


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