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Blue Hill Avenue Transportation Action Plan

First things first: We want to hear from you.

Blue Hill Avenue is a vital piece of many of the City's puzzles. This avenue houses community organizations of education, worship, and recreation. It is a commercial corridor home to many proud, minority-owned businesses. The corridor provides access to and from the City's major employment centers for Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan residents. It also supports the highest bus ridership in the entire MBTA system.

On this page, you can stay updated on project progress as well as share your ideas and concerns. We want to hear your thoughts on transportation, public space, and safety throughout the corridor. Whether your trips are made on foot, by bike, by car, or on a bus, we want to hear from you. Please join our email list to stay updated on meetings, progress reports, and presentations.

Questions? Contact:

Transportation | Transit team

Project Mission

The Blue Hill Avenue Transportation Action Plan seeks to improve quality of life for corridor users.

We want to improve on the City’s current state of transportation-related equity by re-imagining how the avenue functions.

The scope of this project stretches from Mattapan Square to the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and Warren Street in Grove Hall.

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What we are looking at

What we are looking at
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Whether you are a bus rider, bicyclist, or driver, we are interested in hearing about your journey along Blue Hill Avenue. We welcome concerns ranging from traffic congestion and bus stop cleanliness to desires for more bike infrastructure and everything in between. 

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Public Space

Public space generally refers to places that are open and accessible to all. Several examples include sidewalks, plazas, parks, playgrounds, and seating areas. Let us know how you feel about Blue Hill Avenue's public spaces today, and what you would like to see in the future.

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Your safety is important to us. We know that vehicle speeds along Blue Hill Avenue are high. But, we need your help to paint a deeper picture. How does Blue Hill Avenue feel as a pedestrian? Have you experienced a safety issue while waiting for the bus or cycling? Please share your experiences.