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Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Point System

All large, new projects must reduce vehicle trips. We developed a tool to help them do that.

The TDM point system tool allows developers to choose from a wide variety of strategies to help manage people's travel choices. These strategies incentivize people to:

  • drive less
  • ride transit and bike more
  • carpool, and
  • use carshare.

It will also help developers right-size the amount of parking they build in our neighborhoods. The tool applies to large new development over 50,000 gross square feet. A TDM plan is submitted as part of the transportation development review process.

  • Have questions? Contact:

  • 617-635-4680
  • 1 CITY HALL SQUARE, ROOM 721 BOSTON, MA 02201-2026

Download the point system tool



The tool assigns points to large developments based on their location, and allows developers to choose from a wide variety of strategies to reach the target points. 


We assigned points for each strategy based on its impact on reducing driving alone, and on the City's needs and priorities. We divided strategies into baseline, impact, and elective


  1. Download the Excel model above.
  2. Identify the location of the project and find the corresponding mobility score range.
    • Based on your mobility score, the project will be assigned target points.
  3. Select whether a project is residential or not. 
    • Some TDM strategies may not apply if a project is only residential.
  4. Baseline requirements are required for all projects unless they are unattainable.
  5. At least one of three impact strategies must be selected. This is due to the impact these strategies have on achieving mode shift and reducing drive alone behavior. 
  6. Select elective strategies to increase the total points achieved to meet the target score. At least one must be bicycle-related and one must be vehicle-related.
  7. Export the Excel sheet with selected strategies as a PDF. Attach it to a Project Notification Form or the Transportation Access Plan Agreement.

Please note: Selected strategies are subject to Boston Transportation Department approval.

TDM as part of Development Review

Developers will complete a Transportation Demand Management plan as part of the Project Notification Form (PNF) submitted to the Boston Planning & Development Agency. Once approved, the developer will submit these strategies as part of the transportation access plan agreement


  1. Determine applicability
    • Prospective developers planning to file an Article 80 Project for a development more than 50,000 square feet must complete a TDM plan
  2. Fill out tool
    • Prospective developers fill out the TDM Point System Tool
    • After strategies are selected, export results to PDF
    • Attach PDF to Project Notification Form
  3. TDM plan review
    • The Transportation Department and Boston Planning & Development Agency review submitted TDM Plan
    • If selected strategies are unsatisfactory, a developer may resubmit their TDM Plan until plan is approved
  4. Submit final TDM plan as part of TAPA
    • Once approved, the developer may submit the selected strategies as an attachment to the transportation access plan agreement (TAPA)

TDM and the Compact Living Pilot

For Compact Living projects, please note that the TDM Point System supersedes the TDM requirements that were initially laid out in the Compact Living Pilot Guidelines. As a result, the TDM Point System should now be applied to Compact Living projects.

  • Have questions? Contact:

  • 617-635-4680
  • 1 CITY HALL SQUARE, ROOM 721 BOSTON, MA 02201-2026
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