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City of Boston childcare survey

We want to better understand your challenges with childcare. Your answers will help inform a City policy that works for all.

Our childcare survey is available in seven different languages:

Take our online survey

Still have questions? Contact:
Women’s Advancement
1 City Hall Square
Room 804
Boston, MA 02201-2025
Paper forms

You can download physical copies of the survey in English and Spanish.

Annual City census

Each year, the City conducts a census of all residents who are 17 and older. We use the information to protect your voting rights and provide better City services. Add your name to the census today!

About the survey

In 2019, the City of Boston created a first-in-the-nation approach to understanding childcare in Boston. The childcare survey directly asks parents and guardians about their early education and care needs. Its purpose is to better understand how families access and experience care for their children, ages five and under. We want to create thoughtful policy that works for all.

The survey asks about parents and guardians their preferences. It also asks about the barriers that may affect their ability to choose those preferences. Accessibility, affordability, and quality of care tend to be barriers to care. But, a closer look at where and how children receive their education in Boston is necessary. We must properly address the issues families are facing, especially during COVID-19.

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