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Last updated: 5/8/17

Boston Saves

The children’s savings account program makes saving for college and career training available to all public school kindergarten (K2) students in the City of Boston.

Children worked on a laptop in their classroom
We started piloting the new initiative from Mayor Walsh with five public schools in Fall 2016. Boston Saves will expand to all district and charter schools by Fall 2019. Every Boston Saves account includes a $50 starting deposit from the City of Boston.

Families can earn more from the City by:

  • registering their child’s account, and
  • adding at least $25 to the account every three months, starting each January.

Student can use the money for college or job training costs when they finish high school.

Learn more about the program

Have questions?

Please email Kim Lucas at, or call 617-635-0016.

Donate to Boston Saves

Want to help out the program? You can make donations through the Boston Educational Fund. Please select Boston Saves in the drop down menu.

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Watch: Launch of Boston Saves

Why use the program

Boston Saves promotes a culture of student success. We want to give all Boston Public Schools kindergarten (K2) students a chance to plan for the future.

Research shows that:
  • families with children’s savings accounts are more likely to see college as a goal for their children, and
  • low-income children with $500 or less in a savings account for college are three times more likely to enroll. They are also four times more likely to graduate from college.