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Improving local and regional transit services

More reliable bus, train, ferry, and shuttle networks.

The Transportation Department established its first ever Transit Team in 2019. The team is installing transit priority interventions on the busiest corridors. They're working to advance regional rail projects.

Below, projects that are "in implementationare linked to their respective web-pages. Projects that are "in design" or "not yet started" are linked to their Go Boston 2030 Report pages.

Where we are now

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Forest Hills to Roslindale Square Rapid Bus
In Implementation
With the completion of this inbound lane, bus travel times have improved by 20-25 percent during peak times.
Oak Square to Commonwealth Rapid Bus
In Implementation
We installed the first phase of this project, in- and outbound bus lanes from Union Square to Packards Corner on Brighton Avenue, in 2019
Fair MBTA fare policy and extended service hours
In implementation
The City distributed free T passes to all middle and high school students and helped support the MBTA Night Bus Service to 2 a.m.
Consolidated Smart Shuttle System
In implementation
We worked with Seaport District employers to launch a shuttle system to connect with North Station.
Green Line improvements
In implementation
We are working with the MBTA to put in place transit signal priority and real-time information displays along the Green Line.
Nubian Square Transit Hub
In implementation
Our Nubian Square redesign is in construction. We're planning for more efficient bus access and improved travel.
Sullivan Square Enhanced Transit Hub
In implementation
We installed new bus lanes, crosswalks, and bike lanes for improved connections.
Inner Harbor ferry expansion
In implementation
Ferry service has started between Lovejoy Wharf and the Seaport. We expect to add more connections along the inner harbor.
Orange Line and Red Line service improvements
In implementation
New trains are set to be introduced to these lines starting in 2019. Infrastructure upgrades are ongoing.
Improved Silver Line: Nubian to Downtown
In implementation
Aside from repainting the Silver Line's bus lanes, we're working with the MBTA to update signal priorities and curbside regulations.
Restructure all bus routes
In design
MassDOT kicked off the bus network redesign in June 2019. We are participating in the planning process.
Bus service reliability improvements
In design
We created a bus priority network across the City. We will introduce a suite of reliability enhancements.
Fairmount Line service improvements
In design
Our Transit Team presented a proposal for right additional weekday trips on the line. Our desired year to put this in place is 2020.
Mattapan to LMA Rapid Bus
In design
We are in the early engagement phase of planning for improvements to Blue Hill Ave and Warren Street.
West Station Transit Hub
In design
A new transit station serving Brighton and the Allston-Yards. The development is in design as part of MassDOT's I-90 project.
South Station expansion
In design
The future of Greater Boston regional rail commuting depends on the ongoing design for South Station.
North Station to South Boston Waterfront Rapid Bus
In design
We're working with the state and MBTA to create designs aimed at improving bus travel.
Massachusetts Avenue Rapid Bus
Not yet started
We will work on designs to put in place dedicated bus lanes and other bus priority tools on Mass. Ave.
LMA to JFK Rapid Bus via Nubian and Uphams
Not yet started
Connecting the LMA with Roxbury, Dorchester, the Fairmount Line, and the Red Line.
Fairmount Line Urban Rail
Not yet started
We seek to bring the benefit of subway-like service to a walkable Fairmount corridor.
Seaport to Dorchester / Widett Urban Rail
Not yet started
Track 61could be used to create new connections from Dorchester at Newmarket to the Seaport.
Silver Line Terminals at Downtown Crossing and South Station
Not yet started
We will partner with the MBTA to improve the quality at key Silver Line transfer points.
Green Line Extension to Hyde Square
Not yet started
The City seeks to continue service on the E-Line beyond Heath Street. We want to provide access to the heart of Jamaica Plain.
Longwood Transit Hub
Not yet started
We aim to alleviate severe congestion in the Longwood Medical Area. Our goal is to consolidate transit services.
Urban rail extension to Roslindale Square
Not yet started
Boston residents have expressed strong support in favor of extending subway-like service from Forest Hills to Roslindale Square.
Climate protection for vulnerable MBTA stations
Not yet started
We want to ensure that T stations are resilient and climate ready.
I-90 Newton Urban Rail
Not yet started
Subway-like service along the Mass Pike from Newton to South Station will incentivize transit use and ease congestion.
West Station Rapid Bus to LMA, Kendall, and Harvard Square
Not yet started
To address population growth, we need to create a new set of rapid bus connections.
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