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We made updates to an important — but often overlooked — part of the City’s old website.

We reached out to you for help with our Boston "B" logos, and the results were amazing.

We didn’t get a chance to use the latest version of Drupal when we built

It’s better to be prepared, and that’s never more true than in an emergency. The Digital Team is here to help.

We've made some big changes to our maps on the City of Boston's website.

The sun may be setting on summer, but that doesn’t mean the City is slowing down.

Thanks to some eye-opening user research, we’re re-thinking our how-to pages.

TechJam gave the Digital Team a chance to roll up our sleeves, bust out some colored pencils, and talk design.

There’s some new content on that we think you might find useful, and even enjoy using, this season.

As with all of our editorial content, we’re giving City staff guidelines for when they create video.

The Digital Team is doing its part to honor this pending Boston landmark.

After an inspiring visit to the City of Boston archives, we decided to launch a new video series highlighting Boston’s history.

We’re making things a little bit easier when it comes to buying death certificates from the City of Boston.

A few weeks ago, the product and engineering members of the Digital team took part in a "Debt Bash."

This Saturday, part of our Digital Team at the City of Boston will be mentoring and speaking at SheHacks.

We wanted to highlight some lesser-known projects that deserve your attention.

We work with departments across the City at the Digital Team. Sometimes, the work we do isn’t even digital.

Hey, Boston! It’s time to show off your civic pride.

In case you didn’t know, the City of Boston is a really, really big organization. Because of this, the Digital Team is doing even more to stay consistent across all our digital tools.

We’re asking for your help as we redesign our 311 web interface.

One of our core principles as a Digital Team is to build an energizing environment, because if we attract fantastic talent, we’ll provide fantastic services.

Jeanethe Falvey brings more than 10 years of experience in web communications and digital strategy to the job.

We have a lot of useful information and resources at the City of Boston. The trouble is that — until recently — we’ve struggled to figure out the best way to present that to you, the public.

We’ve learned a lot in the past year, both from our successes and our failures.

We’re looking for a web developer to join us in building modern, easy-to-use web apps that get used by millions of people each year.

A story about how the numbers we look at lie to us all the time.

We’ve talked a lot about the new look and feel of — we even made our brand guidelines public. Today, we’re diving into a small but important aspect of the new site: our icons.

We want curious, thoughtful, and entrepreneurial students with a passion for doing impactful work.

We've made it so that anyone can see the code that makes work.

Unlike the private sector, where companies serve specific audiences and customers, the City’s website needs to serve everyone.

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