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Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday April 16, 2020, at 5 p.m.

ATTENTION: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering id 289 955 040#. You can also submit written comments or questions to or via Twitter @bostonlandmarks.

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics


    APP # 20.704 BH    5 West Cedar Street Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved “private way” signage.

    VIO # 20.014 BH      4 Pinckney Street Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved work at the rear of the property and an unapproved shoe scraper.

    APP # 20.927 BH    54 Pinckney Street Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved work at front façade including crack repair in lintel, cracked sills, step crack. Replace exterior lantern, doorbell. Paint front Door.


    APP # 20.740 BH    35 Beacon Street:  Proposed Work: At front façade level four, remove six existing storm windows and replace with new ProVia storms. Fabricate and install wood sills to replace the existing deteriorated sills in kind.

    APP # 20.860 BH    10 Charles River Square Proposed Work: Repaint front door. At rear façade level 1 through 5, replace five (total), wood, 6 over 6 windows with five, aluminum clad, 6 over 6 windows. (See additional items in administrative review).

    APP # 20.789 BH    52 Beacon Street (Continued from 2/2020) Proposed Work: Install sliding glass access hatch with copper clad end walls.

    APP # 20.868 BH    20 Beacon Street Proposed Work: Install small vent for new boiler at front façade.

    APP # 20.783 BH    73 Mount Vernon Street Proposed Work: At front yard, install seasonal planter, add stone garden bench, granite pavers, pea stone path.

    APP # 20.793 BH*   30 Brimmer Street  Proposed Work: At all facades, level one and two, replace 14,  wood, 4 over 4, double hung windows. Removed by Staff

    APP # 20.833 BH    17A Branch Street  Proposed Work: Install light fixture to the right of the main door.

    APP # 20.863 BH    99 Pinckney Street  Proposed Work: Remove and replace roof deck in the same dimensions with a new code compliant handrail (See Additional Items in Administrative Review).

    APP # 20.881 BH     104 Mount Vernon Street  Proposed Work: Rebuild front brick wall, restore to include a granite foundation veneer that existed historically, install new handrail. Recast stone sills at side façade

    APP # 20.965 BH    10.5 Beacon Street  Proposed Work: Extensive façade restoration at north (Beacon Street) façade and terrace.

    APP # 20.967 BH    10.5 Beacon Street Proposed Work: Small alterations to front bronze doors and interior leather doors.

  3. Advisory Review

    2 Beaver Place Proposed Work: Add window in well which is currently bricked up, add access door at side façade.


    APP # 20.880 BH*  48 Beacon Street: At right side façade, repoint masonry above windows and door, install flashing above windows and door, remove brick bulge on 11th floor, scrape and repaint windows. Replace deteriorated wood in kind.

    APP # 20.831 BH     77 Charles Street: At front façade, restore brownstone brackets at gutter line, rebuild brickwork at fire escape braces, cut and point brick masonry joints.

    APP # 20.825 BH*   137 Charles Street: At front façade, repair brick façade in kind.

    APP # 20.860 BH    10 Charles River Square: At front façade levels one, two, and three, replace five, wood, 6 over 6 windows with five, wood, 6 over 6 windows (See Additional Items in Design Review).

    APP # 20.881 BH     50 Chestnut Street:  At dormer level, front façade, replace two, 6 over 6, simulated divided lite, wood windows and at rear façade  dormer level, replace four, simulated, 6 over 6, wood windows with six, 6 over 6, wood, true divided light windows.

    APP # 20.851 BH     68 Chestnut Street: Repair and repoint right side and chimney of 68 Chestnut Street with mortar type N.

    APP # 20.872 BH    11 Hancock Street: At front façade, spot repoint brick and repair in kind. Replace deteriorated trim in kind. Replace gutter in kind.

    APP # 20.920 BH    129 Mount Vernon Street: Repoint right façade with mortar 6-7 Parts Sand, 1-2 Parts Portland, 1-2 Parts Lime.

    APP # 20.863 BH    99 Pinckney Street: Remove and replace front and rear slate roof and dormer cheek wall in kind. Replace copper flashing in kind, cut and repoint left and right side rising wall, and rear  façade using mortar type N. Repaint front shutters and window sash and trim in kind with BM Aura, Grand Entrance Black (See Additional Items in Design review).

    APP # 20.899 BH    112 Pinckney Street: At front façade level 1, replace three, wood 6 over 1, windows with three, 6 over 1, wood, true divided light windows

    APP # 20.864 BH    3 Spruce Street: Repoint front and side facades using mortar type N. Repair deteriorated wood to match existing.

    APP # 20.881 BH     9 Temple Street  At front façade, level two replace three 6 over 6 wood replacement windows and storm windows, with three,, 6 over 6 wood windows, no storm windows.