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Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, September 21, 2023, at 5 p.m.

ATTENTION: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to our online meeting or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering meeting id # 97132528544. You can also submit written comments or questions to

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics



    Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved ring doorbell.

    APP #: 24.0110 BH 140 MOUNT VERNON STREET

    Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved intercom, Repaint front door Europe navy blue.


    APP # 24.0186 BH 12 DERNE STREET

    Proposed Work: Paint all door, window trim and stairs gray to match the existing scheme of the building. The residential door will be painted green and the commercial door black.

    APP # 24.0187 BH 14-16 DERNE STREET

    Proposed Work: Paint all door and window trim, bay windows, and dormers black to match the existing commercial storefront windows. The residential door will be painted green.

    APP # 23.0604 BH 14 WEST CEDAR STREET

    Proposed Work: At rear of the property replace existing wood picket fence with new wood privacy fence.

    APP # 23.1073  BH 114 MOUNT VERNON STREET

    Proposed Work: Install new handrail. 

    APP # 24.0126  BH 1 CHESTNUT STREET

    Proposed Work: Install intercom and brass cover. 

    APP # 24.0159  BH 104 REVERE STREET

    Proposed Work: Replace damaged glass in front door.

    APP # 24.0184  BH 34 CHARLES STREET

    Proposed Work: Replacing the awning fabric (on the existing frames), repaint the existing blade signs and paint the existing planters. The existing gold-colored wall-mounted pin letters "J McLaughlin" would also be swapped out to a blue version, same size and location as the existing signage. 

    APP # 24.0260 BH 1 OTIS PLACE

    Proposed Work: Replace existing full-height passage door on Mt. Vernon Street with new four panel door, Remove existing brick infill & oil pipes at arched opening and install new bi-part, two panel door, Paint doors black to match exterior trim, sash & oriels (Colors approved on 23.0527 BH).

    APP # 24.0163  BH 14 WALNUT STREET (Removed By Staff) 

    Proposed Work: Add wood paneling on ceiling to match existing door and casing. Replace flush mount light with 4" larger one. Replace existing security camera. Remove the existing doorbell buzzer. Remove faux paint finish, restore to original stone. 

    APP # 23.0987  BH 14 LOUISBURG SQUARE

    Proposed Work: Replace shutters at front facade.




    APP # 24.0169 BH   37 BEACON STREET: New tree guard using the previously approved design. 

    APP # 24.0130 BH   95-96 BEACON STREET (ADJACENT): Remove crossing ramp at 95 Beacon Street, restore curb and sidewalk. Install new ADA compliant crossing at the intersection of Beacon, Arlington and Arthur Fielder Footbridge Park (adjacent to 96 Beacon Street). The crossing will comply with Beacon Hill ramp crossing design standard. Replacement and relocation of the existing mast arm. Relocate to new crossing, match style currently found at intersection of Beacon and Brimmer Streets.

    APP # 24.0248 BH   82 CHESTNUT STREET: Replace four total, non-historic, 6 over 1, sash sets keeping all existing frames, wood sills & exterior wood moldings (not to be removed). The four sash sets are Charles Street facing, 3rd floor. The new proposed sash sets are “Oriel” windows. Top sashes are smaller than the bottom sashes to match current configuration. They will all be true divided lite at the 6 lite top sashes, bottoms are 1 lite. New sash sets will be mahogany, mortise & tenon & pegged at all sash rails. The new sash will be using clear glass, oil based glazed and be painted the current color which is: Ben Moore, Low Luster, Custom Red/Brown to match the existing color. The new sash sets will be double hung. All existing storm windows to be removed. 

    APP # 24.0259 BH   27 GARDEN STREET: Repair three stone sills and seven stone headers, painting them at completion to match existing, and spot pointing failing mortar joints to match existing.  Repair locations: three first floor sills, two ground floor headers, one first floor header, four second floor headers.

    APP # 24.0242 BH   59 HANCOCK STREET: At basement level, replace two windows that are currently violations. The current windows are one, 1 over 1,  plastic jamb liner and one, 6 over 6, plastic simulated divided light jamb liners. Replace with two, 6 over 6, lite double hung, sash sets to match the rest of the building as to pane configuration. The windows will be fabricated from solid block mahogany. The new wood windows would be true divided light and using clear glass. Replace missing brick mold using historic profile. The new wood sash would be painted Napery semi gloss to match the first floor and the new brick moldings will be painted white dove semi gloss to match the upper frames at the exterior surround. 3/4” interior muntin width to match above floors and sash parts to match older or original sashes at above floors. No masonry will be removed.

    APP # 24.0221 BH   43 MOUNT VERNON STREET: Rebuild front brick facade using existing brick and historic mortar type, color and tooling. 

    APP # 24.0261 BH   36 MYRTLE STREET: Repoint front, side, and rear facade using mortar to match existing joint color.  Remove and replace failing stone sills to match existing. Repair all wood trim and paint with color to match existing. 

    APP # 24.0210 BH   25 WEST CEDAR STREET: At front facade, cut 3/4 inch into the joints of the bricks and repoint.  Mortar to match the existing historic tooling, profile color and texture. Refinish lintels and sills as needed in kind. 

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