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Artist, 'Rita's Spotlight' mural

Rixy (she/her) born 1995 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, is a Latinx Caribbean reclaimed street artist. She reflects narratives of feminine exuberance around her stylized and inclusive storyworld of Cúcala. These works, most translated through her Public Art and Studio-Mixed Assemblages, blend to build a practice of  Sensual Social Awareness. In material, climate and flavor, Rixy's figurations exhibit on street-wide and institutional spaces. Recently, she attended TheCreateWell’s Converging Liberations Residency at Mass MoCA and participated as a POW!WOW!Worcester Golden Year Muralist; she is currently an Artist-in-Residence with Elevated Thought and Public Art Accelerator Artist with Now+There.

Photo courtesy of Jaypix.

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