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Orange Line: Access for People with Disabilities and Seniors

UPDATE: The MBTA's Orange Line reopened on Monday, September 19, 2022. You can learn about the permanent street changes the City of Boston is putting in place. This website contains an archive of the City's efforts during the Orange Line shutdown.

We have information below and resources for those with disabilities and seniors during the MBTA's Orange Line shutdown.

Critical information

Shuttle Buses
  • While some low-floor buses with ramps at the front of the bus will be in use, the majority will be high-floor coach buses with wheelchair lifts near the rear of the bus.
Accessible Vans
  • Approximately 20 wheelchair accessible vans will be available upon request at Orange Line stations. Anyone with a disability can request a van. These vans will be a combination of ramp-equipped and lift-equipped vehicles.
  • Accessible vans (including MV1s) will service all Orange Line stations, including those not serviced by the shuttle buses.
Shuttle Stops
  • The City of Boston is designating curb space that is dedicated to accessible vans in addition to the curb space designated for shuttles. The City of Boston has assessed the shuttle stops for accessible routes and level landings for lifts and ramps of shuttle buses and vans.
  • RIDE trips that begin and end within ¾ mile of the Orange Line will be free for RIDE users during the 30-day shutdown. 
Commuter Rail
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