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Find financial help for owning a home

Last updated: 10/31/17

Find financial help for owning a home

Learn out about our downpayment assistance program for first-time homebuyers, educational classes and seminars, and whether you qualify.

Buying a home in Boston? We may be able to give you financial help. Our department can give you up to three percent of the purchase price toward your downpayment and closing costs on one- to two-unit properties and condominiums. We also offer up to five percent on three-unit properties. Our loans offer:

  • no interest
  • deferred payments, and
  • loan is repaid at transfer of title, sale, or at the end of buyer's primary residency.
Still have questions? Contact:
Neighborhood Development
26 Court Street
8th, 9th, and 11th Floors
Boston, MA 02108-2501
United States
Apply for Financial help
For our financial services program, We created guidelines and a list of lenders that you can print out. You can also contact us at:

The Boston Home Center

A home of her own

composite homebuyer kitchen

Thrilled by her new home in a vibrant, culturally diverse neighborhood, Massiel is amazed at her good fortune. Her five-year-old daughter’s future is secure.

Massiel applied for the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard Association, Inc. (RTH) lottery. With City of Boston-approved lender Santander Bank helping her to secure a MHP ONE mortgage and the Boston Home Center helping with downpayment and closing costs, Massiel is now celebrating the joy of homeownership in the kitchen in her own condominium.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for our program, you need to plan to buy a one- to three-family residential property or condominium in Boston. The home must be your primary residency for the term of the loan.

You also need to:
  • be a first-time homebuyer (you haven't owned a property in the past three years)
  • graduate from our Homebuying 101 class
  • get a first mortgage pre-approval from one of our participating mortgage lenders
  • have household assets of no more than $75,000 excluding retirement, 401K, and approved IRS savings accounts
  • have a household income that’s no more than 120% of the Area Median Income, and
  • pay at least 1.5 percent of the purchase price on one- to two-unit properties, and 3 percent for three-unit properties. These funds must come from your own money.

How do I get started?

First, you'll have to take the Homebuying 101 class. You can sign up through our website, or through one of our approved partner agencies at the bottom of this page. Also, please join our Homebuyer Club!

Once you take the class, apply for mortgage pre-approval through our participating lenders. After you get approval, you can shop for a home and make an offer.

Apply for our down payment assistance program before you close. You'll need to print out and complete the First-Time Homebuyer Financial Assistance Application. You may also need to fill out a No Income Affidavit and No Child Support Affidavit. The application includes detailed information about what you need to give us.

You can mail your applications and documents to us. We’ll let you know in writing when we get your application. You can send everything to:

The Boston Home Center
Attn: Homebuyer Unit
26 Court Street, 9th Floor
Boston, MA 02108

Approved partner agencies

(For Homebuyer Classes)



Allston-Brighton Community Development Corporation

Jorge Colon

Phone: 617-787-3874, ext. 216

Asian Community Development Corporation

Vivian Wu

Phone: 617-482-2380, ext. 206

Codman Square NDC

Carolyn McGee

Phone: 617-825-4224

Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance

Hilda Fernandez

Phone: 617-822-9100

Neighborhood of Affordable Housing

Jaselia Gratini

Phone: 617-418-8261

Nuestra Communidad Development Corporation

Andora Monteiro

Phone: 617-989-9900

Urban Edge

Eva Osorio

Phone: 617-989-9316