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Housing help for survivors of community violence

We're dedicating resources to provide housing-related help to households that have directly experienced community violence.

As part of this pilot program, social service and medical providers will work with households seeking emergency housing assistance. These households may receive funding for hotel stays, broker fees, and expenses for moving outside of Boston. 

We issue funding on behalf of survivors to their assigned social service provider, a landlord, or broker. Households can receive up to $2,500 for:

  • broker fees to secure new housing
  • hotel fees (up to seven days while transitioning to new housing)
  • first and last and security deposit, and
  • getting documents needed to secure housing outside of Boston.

Program eligibility and process


For this pilot, households must be:

  • current City of Boston residents, and
  • at risk of homelessness due to direct experience of community violence on or after March 1, 2020.

For survivors of community violence, households must show direct impact. This includes showing that the victim is directly connected to the survivor or incident is directly connected to the primary household.

Uses of Funding 

Hotel placement 
This pilot will provide short-term hotel placement for eligible households. Hotel placements:

  • may be more than 10 miles away from the survivor’s address, and
  • should be accessible to public transportation. 

Broker fees
This pilot will provide funding for brokers to find and secure new housing. 

First and last month's rent and security deposit 
This pilot will provide funding for moving costs for eligible households outside Boston. If households are moving within Boston, other resources may be used for these expenses. 

How to apply

Services providers must complete our online request form. As part of this process, we require these documents:

  • W-9 for referral agency (who the check will be issued to)
  • Signed funding acceptance letter (we will send this to you)
  • Police report (if applicable) 

The Office of Housing Stability has limited funding to support households working with service providers. Due to the limited funding:

  • We are using a closed referral system. Households cannot apply directly to this pilot program.
  • Only households who meet eligibility criteria will be able to receive help through this program. Potentially eligible families and individuals must first complete an application form with a caseworker at a service agency.
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