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Roxbury Transportation Corridors

We want to start by hearing your ideas to make your travel in Roxbury safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable. Take our survey here.

Background information

Today, Roxbury is a vibrant neighborhood with a thriving residential community and busy small businesses. The neighborhood has a rich history of community activism and many cultural institutions that celebrate the diversity and lived experiences of its residents.

We want to help improve Roxbury residents’ quality of life by making it safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable for you to get to where you want to go.

a picture of bus riders waiting at Nubian Station

We are looking at three corridors in Roxbury:

  • Warren Street
  • Malcolm X Boulevard
  • Melnea Cass Boulevard

These corridors have some of the highest ridership and the most delays in the entire MBTA system. Our work will improve bus service for these many riders. We will make these corridors better for people walking by making it safer to cross the street and adding seating, trees, and more lighting. Our work will also make bicycling stress-free along these corridors and manage car traffic and parking needs. We want to hear from you and learn about your priorities for these corridors.

On this page, you can stay updated on project progress as well as share your ideas and concerns. We want to hear your thoughts on transportation, public space, and traffic safety throughout the corridor. We look forward to your feedback!

What we're looking at

icons depicting a bus, pedestrian, bench, tree, streetlight, and bike

We call these corridor projects because we aren’t just looking at the roads. We are also looking at crosswalks, lighting, bus stops, street trees, and more. We want to look at everything you experience when you travel or gather along these streets to see how we can make them better. We also want to make sure you feel safe traveling along these streets no matter how you choose to get around.

We know that we need to start with the basics. Our work has to begin with small actions that can make a big difference, like making sure all the street lights on these corridors are in good condition.

We also know that we have to improve bus riders’ experiences on these corridors. These three streets have some of the highest ridership across the MBTA system, but also experience some of the worst delays. Our bus riders need reliable transportation options. And we know that these streets are stressful for people who ride bikes. People on bikes need a safer way to ride.

What we have heard so far

The Transportation Department and our community partners have been out in Roxbury since 2019 asking about people’s experiences with these corridors.

Here’s how we have collected information so far:

  • Bus ride audits
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Public meetings
  • Surveys

Here’s what we have learned so far:

  • These streets can feel chaotic and unsafe for all users.
  • Bus riders have unpredictable trip times, and sometimes many buses will come at once but then riders are left waiting a long time for the next bus.
  • Bike riders don’t always feel safe riding with cars in the street but can also come into conflict with people on the sidewalks.
  • People who want to park can have difficulty finding a spot close to their destination.

What do you think? Do these findings reflect your experience? What are your priorities for these corridors? Tell us what else we should know by taking our survey:

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