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Last updated: 06/21/2017 - 9:08am

Beacon Hill Architectural Commission Hearing

The Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, July 20, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit at City Hall after 5:30p.m.)

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Design Review

    17.1491 BH - 111 Pinckney Street
    Applicant: Timothy Burke Architecture, Inc.
    Proposed Work: Relocate existing gate to the fire escape to accommodate structural framing for the second floor roof deck.

    17.1386 BH - 62 Pinckney Street
    Applicant: Lynne Gleason, 62 Pinckney Condominium Association
    Proposed Work: Install a wrought iron handrail on one side of the stoop; install a wrought iron guard around a tree pit; and replace the wrought iron window grilles in-kind.

    17.1511 BH - 14 David G. Mugar Way
    Applicant: David Hacin, Hacin + Associates
    Proposed Work: Construct a four-story addition; install signage; modify landscaping; and change the paint color of the existing windows.

    17.790 BH - Various Locations (Beacon Street and David G. Mugar Way)
    Applicant: Ricardo Sousa, Prince Lobel Tye LLP
    Proposed Work: Replace street lights and install telecommunication equipment.

    17.905 BH - 73 Mount Vernon Street (Continued from 6/2017)
    Applicant: Elliott Olson, Sousa Design Architects
    Proposed Work: Replace deck on rear ell extension; construct deck on main roof; relocate gas meters on front façade to the interior; install new landscaping in the front yard; repair and restore fire escapes and iron railings in the front yard in-kind; replace copper gutters and leaders in-kind.

    17.1036 BH - 7 Acorn Street
    Applicant: Adam Wylie, Mayhew Project Management & Consulting
    Proposed Work: Modify a window opening to accommodate a door at the first floor on the rear façade and install a balcony; and remove the fencing in the rear yard.

    17.1369 BH - 95 Beacon Street (Continued from 6/2017)
    Applicant: Deborah Thomas-Strutt, Street and Company
    Proposed Work: Install wrought iron railing in front areaway.

    17.1342 BH - 43 Anderson Street, Apt. 3
    Applicant: Cheryl Carney, JB Sash & Door Co.
    Proposed Work: Remove three storm windows; and replace three six-over-one, double-hung wood windows with a black painted finish at the third floor.

    17.1454 BH - 73 Chestnut Street
    Applicant: Jennifer Mello, Pomeroy & Co., Inc.
    Proposed Work: Install a tree guard in the existing tree pit.

    17.1361 BH - 6 Mount Vernon Place
    Applicant: Chris Pitman, CBT Architects
    Proposed Work: Amend Certificate of Appropriateness 15.703BH and 15.704BH by modifying window and door openings on the Joy Place façade; installing light fixtures; removing blind windows and installing window sashes on the east façade; installing shutters on the secondary south and east façades; and modifying the roof deck railings and fire escapes at the rear.

    17.1444 BH - 19 Myrtle Street
    Applicant: Craig Cody, T-Mobile Northeast LLC
    Proposed Work: Replace three telecommunication antennas on the roof.

    17.1476 BH - 15 Chestnut Street
    Applicant: Paul Koch, NELSON
    Proposed Work: Install metal railings on the front stoop; paint front door red and shutters black; remove two rooftop mechanical units; and remove non-visible shutters on the rear façade.

    17.1508 BH - 39-41 Mount Vernon Street
    Applicant: Beth Newman, Meyer & Meyer
    Proposed Work: Install a fire department strobe light at the front entryway.

    17.1510 BH - 9 West Cedar Street
    Applicant: Brigid Williams, Hickox Williams Architects
    Proposed Work: Install wrought iron handrails on either side of the front entryway.

    17.1523 BH - 36 River Street
    Applicant: Janet Hunkel
    Proposed Work: Replace the wood railing with a metal railing, and replace the greenhouse all on the fifth floor roof.

  2. Administrative Review

    17.1006 BH - 37 Beacon Street, Apt. 62-64: Replace six six-over-six, double-hung wood windows and wood brick molds all with an off-white painted in-kind at the fifth floor on the Beacon Street façade.
    17.1280 BH - 13 Bowdoin Street, Apt. 2AB: Replace two six-over-nine, double-hung wood windows in-kind and install an historic wood brick mold, all with a black painted finish.
    17.1414 BH - 29 Branch Street: Scrape, prime, and repaint door and trim black.
    17.1315 BH - 12 Byron Street: Replace paired entry doors to match the historic; and repoint.
    17.1503 BH - 67 Hancock Street: Amend Certificate of Appropriateness 17.331BH by installing a concrete retaining wall below grade behind the granite stones in the front areaway.
    17.1505 BH - 14 Louisburg Square: Refinish the entry door with a stained finish in-kind.
    17.1502 BH - 87 Mount Vernon Street: Replace slate shingles and copper flashing and crickets in-kind; install snow guards; repair and repaint the wood cornice black; and repoint the secondary east façade.
    17.1304 BH - 15 Phillips Street: Repoint the side façade.
    17.1432 BH - 42 Pinckney Street: Repoint; replace deteriorated brownstone lintels and sills with tinted precast units; repair and repaint the wood trim and storm windows on the dormers in-kind; repair and repaint fire escapes in-kind; replace copper gutters in-kind; and install a steel shelf angle lintel at the garden level window openings on the rear façade and repaint windows in-kind.
    17.1500 BH - 46 Pinckney Street: Repoint and resurface deteriorated brownstone lintels using a tinted cementitious stucco on the rear façade.
    17.1509 BH - 15 River Street: Repaint all windows and doors off-white and the fire escapes black; and repoint.
    17.1208 BH - 119 Tremont Street, aka 1 Park Street: Repair the wood steeple and repaint off-white to match existing.
    17.1450 BH - 5 West Cedar Street: Replace one brownstone lintel with a tinted cementitious cast-in-place lintel at the fourth floor on the front façade.
    17.1484 BH - 31 West Cedar Street: Repoint; clean masonry façade; and repaint window frames black.

    17.1379 BH - 121 Charles Street
    : Ratify the removal of the sign (“Ouimillie”) installed without BHAC approval (VIO.BH.89) and install a wood sign panel painted white with gold lettering (“LexRx Lips + Lines + Lash) using the existing bolts on the brick façade above the garden level storefront entry.

  3. Review and Ratification of May 18, 2017 and June 15, 2017 Minutes
  4. Staff Updates