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Contacts for online payments and transactions

Last updated: 3/14/18

Contacts for online payments and transactions

Are you having an issue making a payment online? Please contact the relevant department below by phone or email.

Please keep in mind

Payments are processed by a third party service provider who may impose service charges. Payments made by electronic check / ACH are not subject to a service charge. The online credit and debit card service charge is 2.75% of the total payment ($1.00 minimum).

Boat excise taxes

Boston residents who own a vessel registered in Massachusetts are subject to an excise tax each year. Learn more about how to pay your boat excise tax.

Boat mooring permits

You must get a boat mooring permit if you want to moor or dock your vessel in Boston. You can get a new permit, or renew an existing permit.

Boston CanShare

This annual campaign helps to fight hunger and increase access to fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables for all Bostonians.

questions about the Boston Fire or Police Canshare? Contact:

Business Improvement District

The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District (BID) is a private, nonprofit corporation created and maintained by property owners to serve the entire downtown community.

Dog licenses

If you own a dog in the City, you must get a license for them. Learn more about how to license your dog.

Inspectional Services permits

Permits for construction projects include building, electrical, plumbing, and gas. Learn more about the permitting process.

Motor vehicle excise taxes

Residents who own motor vehicles have to pay taxes based on the value of their vehicles each year. Learn more about how to pay your excise tax.

Moving truck permits

A permit for your moving truck is not required by the City of Boston, but it guarantees you a parking spot to avoid parking tickets.

Parking violations

We created a page that gives information about your different options when paying a parking ticket.

Have questions? Contact:

Personal property

If your business owns personal property, you need to file a State Tax Form 2/Form of List every year. Learn more about how to file your personal property tax return.

Real estate taxes

You have three options to pay your City of Boston property taxes. Learn more about how you can pay your taxes.