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BERDO Review Board

The Building Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) Review Board works to ensure the equitable implementation of BERDO, the City's initiative to get large buildings to net zero emissions by 2050.

About the Review Board

The BERDO Review Board is a nine-member independent board of volunteers. They oversee the implementation of BERDO and work to ensure environmental justice communities benefit from BERDO decarbonization efforts. Learn more about the Ordinance on the BERDO website.

Of the nine members who comprise the board:

  • six must be nominated by a community-based organization,

  • two are openly nominated, including self-nomination, and

  • one is reserved for the Chair of the Boston City Council's Environmental Justice, Resiliency, and Parks Committee, or their designee.

The Review Board has authority to:

  1. Review, accept, or deny applications for flexibility measures
  2. Grant funding decisions for the Equitable Emissions Investment Fund
  3. Recommend updates to BERDO regulations and policies

Application Forms


BERDO offers building owners the opportunity to apply for different flexibility measures, including Building Portfolios, Individual Compliance Schedules, and Hardship Compliance Plans. All flexibility measures must be approved by the BERDO Review Board. To learn more about each flexibility measure, please check out the Flexibility Measures Quick Guide. PDF sample application forms are available here for review.

Equitable Emissions Investment Fund

The Equitable Emissions Investment Fund is a newly created fund. Money from the Fund can be used for the support, implementation, and administration of local building carbon abatement projects that benefit the City of Boston's emissions reduction goals. Please stay tuned as we are currently developing the application process. Check back soon for more information.

flexibility measures Apps Page
Building Portfolios & Individual Compliance Schedules

To apply for a Building Portfolio and/or Individual Compliance Schedule, visit the BERDO Application Page. Application deadline is September 1 to be in effect the following calendar year.

Hardship compliance plan app
Hardship Compliance Plans

To apply for a Hardship Compliance Plan, please review the PDF Hardship Compliance Plan application packet. Application deadline for long-term Hardship is July 1 to be reflected in 2025. Application deadline for short-term Hardship is October 1.

 fund regulations                                 
Equitable Emissions Investment Fund

The Equitable Emissions Investment Fund application cycle is under construction. Please check back in for details and application deadlines.


BERDO Resources

Commercial real estate

The Commercial Real Estate Working Group meets to discuss topics and potential issues that arise for the commercial real estate industry in relation to the Building Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance. 

  • Click here for Working Group Members and Meeting Minutes
Healthcare Institutions Connected to district energy systems

The Healthcare Institutions Connected to District Energy Systems Working Group meets to discuss topics and potential issues that arise for healthcare institutions in relation to the Building Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance.

  • Click here for more Working Group members and Meeting Minutes (under construction)

BERDO reporting instructions, how-to guides, and forms are available online to assist you in your reporting process.

The Retrofit Resource Hub is a one-stop shop for building owners, tenants, and contractors who want to know more about technical and financial resources available for retrofitting.

BERDO regulations development on Phase III topics have officially wrapped as of December, 2023. To read finalized regulations, please visit Thank you for your engagement in this process, your involvement has greatly improved BERDO.

Learn how to use the BERDO Environmental Justice map tool with this How-to-guide.

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Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes
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