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Last updated: 11/8/19

Connect Downtown: Southwest Corridor Extension

We want to connect the Southwest Corridor to Downtown, Beacon Hill, and the West End. We plan to improve pedestrian crossings and add on-street bike facilities.

Connect Downtown creates a network of comfortable, on-street walking and bicycling routes. Our goal is to connect the existing Southwest Corridor Park to key locations in Downtown, Beacon Hill, and beyond. Through this project, we will:

  • Improve pedestrian crossings along the route
  • Provide comfortable, reasonably direct routes for bicyclists, and
  • Enhance pedestrian access to the Public Garden and Common.

The project will connect to jobs, education, retail, and other major destinations. We plan to design the project in a way that allows for faster construction.

Still have questions? Contact:
1 City Hall Square
Room 721
Boston, MA 02201-2026
United States
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Study Area

We are studying a network of City streets that are within or border multiple neighborhoods. These neighborhoods include Back Bay, Bay Village, Beacon Hill, Chinatown, Downtown, South End, and West End.

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