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Preparing for the transition to a post-pandemic world


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Human Resources

This month, we look at different resources and guides for assistance in preparing to transition from pandemic isolation.

As we begin this month, over half of all residents in Massachusetts are fully vaccinated from Covid-19. Along with most other states Massachusetts has already started the transition to full reopening, signalling a hopeful end to a long period of isolation. However, even as the coronavirus pandemic begins to wind down, we are only just beginning to tackle the fallout. Many are struggling with practical issues including reduced incomes, lowered access to local services due to isolation, and difficulty finding affordable/available childcare. Calls to local mental health lines have nearly doubled due in part to the stress and trauma of the last year. Finally, many workplaces, including the city, are returning their workers to pre-pandemic on-site hours, which can be very difficult to readjust to on a mental and practical level.  

To help with this process, we at the Employee Assistance Program wanted to take the time this month to highlight many compiled resources by category, focusing on mental health, substance use recovery, housing, child and elder care, and more. 

Mental Health

Substance Abuse Recovery Resources


Childcare, Elder Care, and other Community Resources

Finally, as always, the EAP is available for city employees and their families for confidential counseling Monday-Friday 7am-6pm, at 617-635-2200.   Have a good month!

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