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Boston's Safest Driver Competition

Ever wonder if you’re as good a driver as you think you are?

Now's your chance to find out! Boston’s Safest Driver is a smartphone app that provides you helpful feedback on your driving based upon five metrics:

  1. speed
  2. acceleration
  3. braking
  4. cornering, and
  5. phone distraction.
All you have to do is download the app on your smartphone, then start moving. Between May 6, 2019, and July 28, 2019, compete for chances to win prizes from a pool of more than $25,000! Read the official rules for complete details on qualifications, the competitions, drawings, and prizes.
Download. Play. Win.

Follow the links below to download:

Apple store

Google Play

Still have questions? Contact:


Image for a screenshot of the safest driver app

You can download the app on the Apple app store, and on Google Play.

Please select the Corporate Challenge option if you are an employer of an organization that is a member of:

  • the Seaport TMA
  • the MASCO TMA, or
  • the A Better City TMA

Enter the registration token provided to you by your employer.

Not sure if you’re eligible for the Corporate Challenge? Check this employer list to see if your employer is participating. Email if you haven’t received a registration token.


It’s easy to play. Just download the app and enter your email address and zip code. Then, go about your daily travel. Users can log trips as drivers, passengers, or while on a bicycle, train, or bus. Check out your scores at the end of a trip and follow the tips to improve. 

Concerned about privacy? The City takes personal privacy seriously. You can review the public privacy policy to understand what data the app collects and how it will be used.

Image for a screenshot of the safest driver app


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Whether it’s most improved or overall best driver, get the recognition you deserve! We’ll be giving out prizes every other week for the safest driver, the most improved driver, new drivers to the contest, and car-free trips.

The person crowned City of Boston's Safest Driver will win an overall grand prize of $5,000. An additional $5,000 Safest Driver grand prize will be awarded to a Metro Boston winner. We will also award grand prizes of $3,000 for "Least Distracted" and "Slow and Steady" driver.

You can find the contest rules and qualifications online.

The paradox: an app for safer driving

In 2016, we piloted the competition to great outcomes. In the top 25 percent of users:

Phone-distraction scores improved by 47 percent

Image for distraction

Harsh-braking scores improved by 37 percent

Image for brake3

Speeding scores improved by 35 percent

Image for speeding3

About the app

Boston’s Safest Driver is a smartphone app developed in partnership with:

The project also received support from Liberty Mutual Insurance and the National Safety Council. The competition will be administered by Promosis.

The app provides feedback to drivers on five metrics for each trip they take:

  1. rapid acceleration
  2. harsh braking
  3. sharp turns
  4. at-risk speeding, and
  5. phone distraction.

The app logs trips while in the background on the user’s phone. The driver is alerted afterwards of their score for that trip. They are also told how they did on the different factors and given helpful tips to improve in the future.

Instead of a typical safety campaign that tells people how to behave, we want people to reflect on their own skills, challenge their friends, and be rewarded for doing well.