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The Trustees of Charitable Donations for Inhabitants of Boston

An independent public charitable corporation that assists Boston residents with a one-time donation in various areas of need.

The Trustees of Charitable Donations for Inhabitants of Boston (TOCD) is a public charitable trust. It is made up of small private funds that have been entrusted to the City of Boston to help residents facing financial hardship. 

The Board of Trustees represents a diverse cross-section of Boston residents. As part of its work, the Board:

  • reviews applications, and
  • approves assistance grants on a month-to-month basis.

The grants are intended to help City residents regain financial stability. They are limited to a one-time gift per household. View TOCD individual fund balances for FY21.

Apply for a grant

Contact Information
If you have questions, please email or call:
Shaun Leonard
Please note:

The Trustees of Charitable Donations for Inhabitants of Boston is a “last resort agency”. We should only be contacted after you have attempted to seek help from other charitable agencies or programs.

City Boards and Commissions

Serving on a board or commission is one of the most impactful ways Bostonians can become active in their community. Read our guide if you are interested in applying.

Common questions


Only City of Boston residents can apply for grants.

Areas eligible for help include:

  • past due rent and utility bills with balances that are $2,000 or less
  • home heating oil, and
  • relocation help in certain circumstances. 

We may be able to provide help if a past-due balance is greater than $2,000. But, the applicant must be eligible for a payment plan with their creditor.

Areas where we don't provide help include:

  • phone or cell phone bills
  • vehicle repairs
  • tuition and education loans
  • license fees
  • funerals
  • homeowner repairs
  • warranties
  • taxes, excise tax, and liens
  • parking tickets
  • credit cards payments
  • clothing purchases
  • Christmas toys
  • legal fees
  • cable or internet bills
  • club memberships
  • mortgages
  • security deposits, or
  • last month’s rent. 

Trustees information

Total Seats:

Current members

Member Appointed Expires Status
Mary Marshall 1/22/2019 5/1/2021 Holdover
John Barros 7/13/2020 5/1/2023 Active
Danielson Tavares 1/22/2019 5/1/2021 Holdover
Faisa Sharif 1/22/2019 5/1/2022 Active
Alexandra Valdez 1/22/2019 5/1/2022 Active
Joyce Linehan 7/13/2020 5/1/2023 Active
Midori Morikawa 1/22/2019 5/1/2021 Holdover
Trinh Nguyen 1/22/2019 5/1/2021 Holdover
Yissel Guerrero 1/22/2019 5/1/2020 Holdover
Xavier Savage 1/22/2019 5/1/2021 Holdover
Aisha Miller 7/13/2020 5/1/2023 Active
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