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The Trustees of Charitable Donations for Inhabitants of Boston

An independent public charitable corporation that assists Boston residents. The Trustees is currently working with partner organizations, including ABCD, United Way, and Massachusetts Immigrant Collaborative.

Please note: TOCD does NOT provide financial assistance or resources to individuals directly. Please contact the partner organizations for assistance.

The Trustees of Charitable Donations for Inhabitants of Boston (TOCD) is a public charitable trust. It is made up of small private funds that have been entrusted to the City of Boston to help residents facing financial hardship. 

The Board of Trustees represents a diverse cross-section of Boston residents. As part of its work, the Board:

  • reviews applications, and
  • approves assistance grants.
  • For more information contact:

    Jin Min Lee
  • Please note:

    The Trustees of Charitable Donations for Inhabitants of Boston is currently working with partner organizations. It is not providing grants to individuals.

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Trustees information

  • Department:
  • Stipend:
  • Total Seats:

Current members

Member Appointed Expires Status
Mary Marshall 1/22/2019 5/1/2021 Holdover
John Barros 7/13/2020 5/1/2023 Active
Danielson Tavares 1/22/2019 5/1/2021 Holdover
Faisa Sharif 1/22/2019 5/1/2022 Holdover
Alexandra Valdez 1/22/2019 5/1/2022 Holdover
Joyce Linehan 7/13/2020 5/1/2023 Active
Midori Morikawa 1/22/2019 5/1/2021 Holdover
Trinh Nguyen 1/22/2019 5/1/2021 Holdover
Yissel Guerrero 1/22/2019 5/1/2020 Holdover
Xavier Savage 1/22/2019 5/1/2021 Holdover
Aisha Miller 7/13/2020 5/1/2023 Active
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