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Jaclyn Youngblood

Program Director, Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics

Jaclyn is a program director in the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics. She focuses primarily on operations and systems prototypes, aiming to bring delight and a human touch to what can be overwhelming interactions with city agencies. Her work includes supporting Boston Public Schools, exploring the future of food access and equity in Boston, and advocating for safe streets for all Bostonians. Jaclyn brings to her civic innovation experiments a background in leadership development and organizational effectiveness, which she honed supporting nonprofits and small businesses trying to achieve greater scale and impact across the country. Her love for cities (of all sizes) is second only to coffee. (And reading while having coffee.) Jaclyn is a member of the Mayor’s 2016 SPARK Boston council.

Stats and Special Powers
Jaclyn is a low-level wandering Gnome Sorcerer, transplanted from Houston (a city that knows its coffee). She is known to cause distractions (by pointing out adorable dogs on Boston’s streets) and confusion (by insisting on biking all winter).
Safety: +10
Acceleration: +4
Confrontation: -5
Laughter: +5
Coffee: +3