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Fort Point Channel Landmark District

The Fort Point Channel Landmark District was designated in 2009. 

UPDATE (7-6-2021): We have streamlined our application process. Going forward please use our online application portal to apply for work in our districts. 

The Fort Point Channel Landmark District Commission (FPCLDC) meets on the second Thursday of each month to review exterior alterations. Interested in becoming a commissioner? Please see details about nomination in the district's Study Report and check the commission information section at the bottom of this page. If you see an "apply online" button, we have an opening on the commission and you're able to apply for it.


All proposed exterior work visible from a public way is subject to the review of the FPCLDC. To save time and costs, review district Standards and Criteria early in the planning process.


  • Review all instructions and documentation requirements before submitting your application to ensure it is complete. Incomplete applications will not be added to a public hearing agenda.
  • Submit your application online well in advance of a filing deadline in case it is marked incomplete and additional or revised information needs to be submitted.
  • Staff is not available to review applications for completeness immediately upon submittal.
  • Do not begin any work, or buy materials, until after you have received confirmation your project has been approved.

The Fort Point Channel Landmark District (FPCLD) encompasses roughly 55 acres across the Fort Point Channel from downtown Boston. Developed in the 1830s by the Boston Wharf Company and owned by the company until the early 2000s, the Fort Point Channel area is Boston’s largest, most cohesive, and most significant collection of late 19th and early 20th century industrial loft buildings. Development of the Fort Point Channel area began in 1836 and continued until 1882.  The Boston Wharf Company erected nearly all of the buildings in the FPCLD from the designs of their own staff architects.

For further historical background, please check out the Fort Point Channel Landmark District Study Report.

1 City Hall Square
Room 709
Boston, MA 02201
South Boston
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Energy, Environment and Open Space
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Current members

Member Appointed Expires Status
Susan Goganian 9/26/2016 6/30/2018 Holdover
David Berarducci 9/23/2016 6/30/2017 Holdover
John Karoff 11/27/2017 5/1/2020 Holdover
Thomas Rodde 2/22/2016 5/1/2018 Holdover
Lynn Smiledge 9/23/2016 6/30/2017 Holdover

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