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Black History Boston

Lifting up the contributions of local legends, past and present who are working to create a thriving and vibrant Boston. 

We continue to honor Black History #MoreThanAMonth this year. Although 2020 has brought incredible challenges, community leaders continues to do find creative ways to share their message of hope to increase our resilience. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but it's also the month we honor our mothers and those who nurtured us. The women featured on this page have dedicated their lives to improve themselves and those around them. Learn more about their work. 

February Black History Highlights

Melnea Cass, the First Lady of Roxbury

Learn more about Melnea Cass

Reverend Michael Haynes, the Conscience of Boston

Learn more about the Honorable Reverend Michael Haynes

Ayanna Pressley, a True Pioneer for Black women

Learn more about the Honorable Ayanna Pressley

Mel King, a King Among the People

Learn about the Honorable Mel King

Beverly Morgan-Welch, the Griot of Black History

Learn about Beverly Morgan-Welch's Journey

Chuck Turner, a champion of human rights

Learn more about Chuck Turner's life and work

Marie St. Fleur, Boston's preserver of Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King's Legacy

Learn more about Marie St. Fleur's journey

Anti-Apartheid Activist Nelson Mandela Visits Boston

Learn more about why Nelson Mandela came to Boston

Frederick Douglass Speaks At Faneuil Hall

Learn more about why Frederick Douglass spoke at Faneuil Hall

Tito Jackson, the inheritor of the Roxbury Legacy

Learn more about Tito's Journey

Beth Chandler, a fighter for Black women empowerment

Learn more about Beth Chandler's Journey

Doris Bunte, the first Black woman to serve in the Mass. Legislature!

Learn more about the Honorable Doris Bunte

Reggie Lewis, the Celtics' number 35

Learn more about Reggie Lewis

Ruth Batson, the champion of educational desegregation

Learn more about Ruth Batson's life and work

Martin Luther King Jr. marches from Roxbury

Learn why Dr. King led a march in Roxbury

Combahee River Collective

Learn about the Combahee River Collective

Bruce Bolling, Boston's first Black Council President

Learn about Bruce Bolling's work

Thelma Burns, Boston's beloved activist

Learn about Thelma Burn's Work

Byron Rushing, Boston's moral compass

Learn about Byron Rushing's journey

Lucy Miller Mitchell, the architect of Boston's early childhood education

Learn about Lucy Miller Mitchell's Journey

Travis McCready, the change agent of health equity

Learn about Travis McCready

The hero of the Boston Massacre, Crispus Attucks

Learn about the heroic Crispus Attucks

Black Heritage Trail

Learn about the Black Heritage Trail

Royal Bolling, a Forefather of Modern Boston

Learn about Royal Bolling's journey

Elma Lewis, the Grande Dame of Roxbury

Learn about Elma's accomplishments

Michael Curry, the hardest working man in public service

Learn about Michael Curry

Black women of the City Council: Andrea Campbell, Kim Janey, Lydia Edwards

Learn about Councilors Campbell, Janey, and Edwards

Charles Yancey, the first City Councilor of District 4

Learn about the Honorable Charles Yancey

James Brown saves Boston

Learn how James Brown saved Boston

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