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Planning Advisory Council

The Planning Advisory Council is an internal body that guides a shared vision for a green, growing, family-friendly Boston and coordinates investments in the built environment to realize that vision.

The Planning Advisory Council was created by Mayor Michelle Wu in January 2023 via Executive Order. The Council is chaired by the chief of Planning and director of the Boston Planning and Development Agency and includes the Cabinet chiefs of Arts & Culture, Energy, Environment & Open Space, Equity & Inclusion, Finance, Housing, Operations, and Streets. Leadership of additional Cabinets also engage regularly and provide consultation to the PAC. Council staff comprise a new department within the City of Boston.


Why the Planning Advisory Council

Mayor Wu reopens Walnut Park Play Area with residents

Planning is best done when it is anchored in the interest and ideas of the public; and,

Planning is most impactful when it is coordinated across an Administration; and,

Planning is most meaningful when it can drive implementation; and,

Implementation investments are best leveraged and optimized when well-coordinated; and,

A new structure is required to best deliver on this recommitment to engagement, departmental coordination, and implementation

Full Executive Order

Core Functions


  1. Initiate, review, endorse and implement plans, including major infrastructure reconstruction, and assess progress
  2. Connect long-range planning and capital planning
  3. Facilitate, coordinate and set standards for public engagement across the planning process

Planning in Boston

2022 Parks Summer Guide

"In this moment of need, we have an opportunity and an obligation to change how we plan for Boston’s future...we’re charting a new course for growth, with people as our compass".

Mayor Michelle Wu

State of the City, 2023


The opportunities and challenges before the City of Boston are significant – from improving equity and mobility to ensuring affordability and resilience. Our best strategy to tackle these opportunities and challenges is to start with sound urban planning that is ambitious and aims to nourish, heal, and empower our communities. 

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