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Distressed buildings in Boston

Distressed buildings in Boston

We put together a survey of distressed buildings in Boston each year. Find out what happens to them.

A distressed building is any type of building that is unoccupied and shows signs of falling apart. This can mean the building is:

  • boarded up
  • burned from a fire
  • exposed to the weather, or
  • showing other signs of deterioration.

We don't count garages and sheds on residential properties. We sometimes count storage buildings if they're distressed and aren't being used.

You can find our list of distressed properties from 2016 online. There's also an interactive map. Zoom in and click on a property to get more details about it. If you're interesting in buying a property, contact the owner. You can find out who owns the property by visiting the Assessing Department's online search tool.  


We'll be doing our next survey this summer and fall. In the meantime, you can contact us if you have more information about a building. For example, if you think a property should be added to or removed from the list. Contact:

Please note: Before 2008, we listed distressed buildings as "abandoned." We had to change the name because of the possible legal problems that could happen from saying a building is abandoned.

Still have questions? Contact:
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