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Due to a rising COVID-19 infection rate in the City, all Boston Public Schools students will shift to remote learning effective Thursday, October 22.
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Our work at Neighborhood Development

We want to make Boston the most livable city in the nation. Find out how we plan to do it.

We work with communities to improve Boston’s neighborhoods through investing public resources. Our main jobs are to create housing options, support tenants, and manage the City’s real estate.

Still have questions? Contact:
Neighborhood Development
26 Court Street
8th, 9th, and 11th Floors
Boston, MA 02108-2501

Boston Home Center

The center helps residents find, keep, and improve their homes. Residents can take classes and get financial aid. This includes:

Learn more about the Boston Home Center

Neighborhood Housing Development

Affordable Housing Preservation is part of Housing Development. They fund loans for developers who want to buy and fix up old housing.

Developers can also buy land through a Request for Proposal process. Learn more about how we sell our land to developers.

For more information, contact Beverly Estes-Smargaissi at 617-635-0362.

The division works with partner agencies to:

  • keep affordable housing options on the market
  • create open spaces in the City
  • fix up abandoned properties, and
  • offer housing services to low-income and homeless residents.

Office of Housing Stability

The Office of Housing Stability promotes stable housing for Boston residents through coordination of services and enhanced access to information.

We run Boston’s Housing Crisis Hotline and create new policies and programs with the goal of helping Bostonians stay in their homes.

Learn more about Housing Stability

Supportive Housing

DND’s Supportive Housing Division works to end homelessness in the City of Boston.

The Supportive Housing Division manages over $30M in federal grants and funds nonprofit partners to provide housing and supportive services for households who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or living with HIV/AIDS.

Policy development and research

The division is the backbone of many of our programs. Aside from developing and researching our programs and policies, they also:

  • provide mapping and data services
  • write grants, and
  • help us meet federal, state, and local regulations.

They also prepare our five-year Consolidated Plans and one-year Action Plans.

Learn more about our plans and reports

Housing Innovation Lab

The Housing Innovation Lab is working to increase housing affordability, by testing innovative housing models and accelerating the pace of innovation in the housing sector.


  • Prioritizes people - put people at the center of our work.
  • Engages collaborators -  engage both internal and external partners to move the work forward.
  • Experiments early and often - take a prototype driven approach to policy making.

Learn more about us

Real estate management and sales

This division manages our portfolio of foreclosed real estate.

They work with communities to make sure the property is put to good use, and sell it to qualified developers. The property is usually developed into housing, commercial spaces, or public open areas.

Property maintenance

This division takes care of City-owned property. They have two major responsibilities:

  • Land Management cleans and maintains vacant land in Boston. They make sure the land doesn't pose health and safety hazards. They also take abandoned land with no development plans and turn it into public open spaces. You can contact the Land Management program at 617-635-0102.
  • Building Management fixes emergency building problems, like boarding up property to stop break-ins. They take care of foreclosed properties that the City owns. They also do repairs to keep buildings and residents safe.

Whenever we buy a new property, Building Management will:

  • do an inspection
  • make a property report for recommended use (if it's empty and safe), and
  • do repairs and set rent if the building is occupied.

If a building is vacant and unsafe, Building Management may demolish it. They first check for environmental hazards, hazardous waste, and other issues that could affect the public. For more information, contact Carl Hyman at 617-635-0102.


The division creates our annual budget, which is about $100 million. They also:

  • manage federal funds that go toward projects
  • assign contracts for our services, and
  • make sure the properties we develop stay affordable.

Office of Loan Management

The office handles services and support for people who have accounts with the City. They oversee more than 4,700 loan accounts totaling more than $300 million.

Loan Management helps with:

  • loan payoffs and balance information
  • discharges
  • applications for subordination, and
  • billing and payments.

For more information, call 617-635-5626, or email

If you need more help, you might find the following loan documents useful:


A detailed documents of our policies.


The application includes a checklist of policies and procedures.


You may need to get this signed by Inspectional Services if you want to subordinate a loan.


Some of our loans are partially forgivable. To qualify for forgiveness, you'll need to sign and notarize this form.

Cash Flow Calculation Form

Some of our loans require annual cash flow payments. This form must be filled out and returned with the borrower's annual financials.

Expert sources

We work on issues across Boston’s many neighborhoods. Our staff are a great resource for journalists and researchers.

We can provide information on:

  • federal and state housing policies
  • real estate trends with City-owned property
  • foreclosure crisis
  • affordable housing
  • community gardens and other uses for City-owned land
  • housing the homeless, and
  • the causes of homelessness in Boston.

For more information, or to set up an interview, call Alexander Sturke at 617-635-4802, or email