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Boston Employment Commission

The commission oversees the Boston Residents Job Policy. The policy sets goals for employment on City-assisted construction projects. The commission is made up of seven members selected by the Mayor.

The City of Boston has a variety of boards and commissions. Each work with internal departments and the public to serve the City.

Each board or commission has a specific number of members. Members go through an application process to ensure they have the expertise and passion for serving. Active members may become holdovers if their official term is up, but there is no new applicant to take their place.

Boston Employment Commission Hearing

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2022 BEC meeting schedule

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The commission meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 1 - 3 p.m. Due to COVID-19, we are holding all Boston Employment Commission meetings virtually via Zoom.

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Current members

Member Appointed Expires Status
Kenell Broomstein 9/9/2020 7/1/2022 Holdover
Charles Cofield 9/9/2020 7/1/2022 Holdover
Travis Watson 9/9/2020 7/1/2022 Holdover
Aisha Francis 7/13/2020 7/1/2022 Holdover
JocCole Burton 9/9/2020 7/1/2022 Holdover
Carlos Espinoza-Toro 9/9/2020 7/1/2022 Holdover
Priscilla Flint-Banks 7/15/2022 1/3/2024 Active
Darrin Howell 7/15/2022 1/3/2024 Active

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